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N7001U — - With CF-TGE at the Museum of Flight,almost looks like a 1960s airport scene.
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N7001U —


With CF-TGE at the Museum of Flight,almost looks like a 1960s airport scene.


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Gary Schenauer
Great snap. But I'm wondering? Did the MofF folks put these on what used to be the parking lot area near the front entrance? If so, they blocked what used to be a superb spotting location. I am not certain, but I think I once was parked right by that section of fence that is visible under the Connie. It was an excellent spot, but it now appears that cars can no longer park back there (although there does seem to be one vehicle back there). I hope that position has not been blocked; I want to park there again when I go back to the M of F later this year. (Fingers crossed)
manuel vieira ribeiroPhoto Uploader
I took this between the main entrance and where you turn left in to the parking lot.Not sure if you know what I mean,but in Feb. this year Connie was parked by the main entrance.In March,a lot of the airplanes were moved around so by the time you go,who knows what will be where.I think the spot where you parked by the fence is still open.
As for the covered Airpark under construction,it seems very crowded and dark for photography.Maybe it will OK when finished.
Gary Schenauer
Hi, MetricB. Yes, I know where you were. And that is definitely the place (in the background under the Connie) that I had been spotting from. (My gallery photo of N378BC, the Wedgetail, shows the fence that is the same fence corner right under the Connie's prop here in your photo.) I truly hope that spot is still accessible; it is a great position to catch inbounds to BFI. As for the Air Park, that area was cramped for photography when I was there a few years ago; adding the TCA Super G and covering the entire area is going to make it very crowded ... and, as you said, dark, too. The AAL 727, the Concorde, and all the other a/c that were there were terribly weatherbeaten when I was there (appearance-wise, the AA 727 was so weather-hammered it was an absolute disgrace) so the cover will certainly protect the a/c now, but it is going to be a deterrent to ambient-light photography for sure. TY for replying to my question. ;-)
manuel vieira ribeiroPhoto Uploader
The AA 727 is (was) parked on the other side of the runway when I was there.
I managed to get photos of it weather beaten,as previously when it was at the airpark,I could not get a "full body" shot.
Anyway,I read somewhere it is being moved to another museum,possibly back east,maybe to make room for the UAL first B727.
I looked thru your photos,wonderful memories!
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