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Airbus A300F4-600 (F-GSTB)



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Jonathan Garstin
As someone who just likes looking at aircraft pics, especially the Newsletter ones and older aircraft, this is the first time I have seen a pic of an A300F4-600 in flight or taking off. Always intrigues me as to what shape configurations can fly effectively despite looking as if they create substantial drag, and the power of lift that a wing's slight curve generates from the pressure differential above and below the wing.
Like the picture. I feel like I have some kind of a growth on my head....I want to remove that top part looks or make that cabin window different design.
serge LOTH
Jonathan Garstin, , each time I made one landed, I had the same feelings. Previously also for Guppy and Super Guppy..It seems somebody blows in the fuselage..!!
Matha Goram
Would love to see a chart of the wind tunnel tests on this whale.
trennor turcotte
It's a great photo; I'm wondering what it is they haul in those things. Quite the impressive airplane, that's for sure.
would not call it ugly......but really ugly...& interesting
Timothy Foley
@Trennor Turcotte, I believe they use them to haul fuselage swgments and other components to the destination where A380's are finally assembled.
Bill Gardner
They actually use them alot to transport their airbus parts and fuselages to the other factories, just google it and ya will see some amazing photos.
Airbus is made in Germany, France, Spain and United Kingdom.
So they transport each part to the next factory.
Great Pic and Thanx to Danny for sharing.
¿Deseas un historial completo para F-GSTB a partir de 1998? Compra ahora. Recíbelo dentro de una hora.
Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
25-09-2018 UnknownIngolstadt Manching ()Hamburg Finkenwerder () 02:53PM CEST 03:58PM CEST 1:05
25-09-2018 UnknownHamburg Finkenwerder ()Ingolstadt Manching () 10:23AM CEST 11:23AM CEST 1:00
24-09-2018 UnknownToulouse-Blagnac ()Hamburg Finkenwerder () 05:19PM CEST 07:32PM CEST 2:12
24-09-2018 UnknownHamburg Finkenwerder ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 12:54PM CEST 02:52PM CEST 1:58
24-09-2018 UnknownToulouse-Blagnac ()Hamburg Finkenwerder () 09:26AM CEST 11:39AM CEST 2:13
23-09-2018 UnknownHawarden ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 12:58PM BST 03:40PM CEST 1:41
23-09-2018 UnknownToulouse-Blagnac ()Hawarden () 10:40AM CEST 11:35AM BST 1:55
22-09-2018 UnknownGetafe Air Base ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 01:40PM CEST 02:43PM CEST 1:03
22-09-2018 UnknownToulouse-Blagnac ()Getafe Air Base () 10:54AM CEST 11:54AM CEST 0:59
21-09-2018 UnknownSaint-Nazaire Montoir ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 04:04PM CEST 04:59PM CEST 0:54
21-09-2018 UnknownSaint-Nazaire Montoir ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 09:58AM CEST 10:51AM CEST 0:53
20-09-2018 UnknownToulouse-Blagnac ()Hamburg Finkenwerder () 10:53AM CEST 12:57PM CEST 2:03
19-09-2018 UnknownBremen ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 09:26PM CEST 11:26PM CEST 2:00
19-09-2018 UnknownHawarden ()Bremen () 05:33PM BST 07:54PM CEST 1:20
19-09-2018 UnknownToulouse-Blagnac ()Hawarden () 02:15PM CEST 03:03PM BST 1:47
18-09-2018 UnknownSaint-Nazaire Montoir ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 07:09PM CEST 08:00PM CEST 0:51
18-09-2018 UnknownHamburg Finkenwerder ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 12:20PM CEST 02:25PM CEST 2:05
18-09-2018 UnknownToulouse-Blagnac ()Hamburg Finkenwerder () 08:27AM CEST 10:28AM CEST 2:00
17-09-2018 UnknownSaint-Nazaire Montoir ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 06:43PM CEST 07:41PM CEST 0:58
14-09-2018 UnknownHawarden ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 10:18AM BST 01:05PM CEST 1:46
13-09-2018 UnknownHamburg Finkenwerder ()Hawarden () 04:26PM CEST 05:09PM BST 1:42
13-09-2018 UnknownHawarden ()Hamburg Finkenwerder () 12:34PM BST 02:55PM CEST 1:20
13-09-2018 UnknownToulouse-Blagnac ()Hawarden () 09:44AM CEST 10:39AM BST 1:55
12-09-2018 UnknownHamburg Finkenwerder ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 04:24PM CEST 06:38PM CEST 2:13
12-09-2018 UnknownGetafe Air Base ()Hamburg Finkenwerder () 11:43AM CEST 02:32PM CEST 2:48
12-09-2018 UnknownToulouse-Blagnac ()Getafe Air Base () 09:08AM CEST 10:15AM CEST 1:07
11-09-2018 UnknownHamburg Finkenwerder ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 03:55PM CEST 05:58PM CEST 2:03
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