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Boeing 757-200 (N905FD) - I was actually invited to walk along next to FDX
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Boeing 757-200 (N905FD)


I was actually invited to walk along next to FDX's "Cassandra" (N905FD) as it moved south on Alpha for a last-full-minute-of-dusk departure on runway 34L. As it taxied along at a pretty good clip in (almost) total darkness, I walked along the adjacent service road and snapped off four Speedlite 430EX flash shots. This was click #2.


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Mark C
Another amazing shot Gary. 5 Stars!
Dwight Hartje
Excellent capture, Gary!
Lee Smith
Great shot!
Mathias Böttcher
beautiful photo, Gary - Greetings
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
To Mark, Dwight, Lee, and Mathias.... Thanks, guys. :-) I must honestly admit, I never thought my Speedlite flash attachment was going to be able to light up this big FDX bird. I was walking very quickly (almost jogging) to try and keep up as I snapped off four shots, but it was taxiing so fast it went past me and was pulling away. I figured I would get nothing of value, but I caught three clean shots out of four clicks. I'll hate to give up using this Canon T3i, but it just went back to photo number 0001 for the sixth time so my wife told me it is time to get a new camera. TYVM for the compliments, guys.
jim garrity
I gave you 5 stars for 1. You had to "jog",to get this pic.,and 2. Your wife will let you buy a new camera!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
(Grin) Many Thanks, Jim. The new camera is now actively being researched (up to now, all four of the cameras I ever bought were Canon, so I'll stay w/Canon. I would like to "step up' to something more pro-grade but I'm only an amateur so pro-grade may be beyond my amateur skills.) As for the jogging, I really do appreciate the "5." I was 64 (just turned 65 today) AND I was on a painfully bum right leg; my jog probably resembled more of a drunken stumble-stagger to those FDX lads in the 752's 'pit. But I got the shots; at that instant in time, that is all that mattered. :-)
TYVM, Jim. :-)
Mark C
Happy Birthday Gary and nothing but respect for you "going the extra mile" figuratively speaking but also somewhat literal :)
Spencer Hoefer
This 752 looks huge in this shot. Only from the ground do you realize how big this beast is.
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