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Lockheed ER-2 (6810336) - The "BB" tail code indicates that 68-10336 is assigned to Beale AFB.
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Lockheed ER-2 (6810336)


The "BB" tail code indicates that 68-10336 is assigned to Beale AFB.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The Dragon Lady looks pretty dang good at 50+ years old.
Alan Brown
Great photo. Thank you!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Appreciate the comment, Alan. TYVM. (Wave)
Ed Boock
One can only imagine what this Grand Old Lady has seen over the years to keep America safe.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Indeed, Ed. She's had a watchful eye for our country for a long time. (Wave)
FYI Note to Cliff, Viv, Greg, Uwe, Dave, C.W., and Alien ... Having difficulty getting to this site. Finally got here just now (took about six hours) and was able to log in to post this, but I'm certain the problem is not solved. Also, can receive your E/Ms and read your messages but unable to reply / send. Working on the problem. Also trying to devise other method of contact with you other than just e/m. (And trying to get in contact with a friend at FA to see if there is some difficulty between my computer and the FA site. I can access everything on the web EXCEPT FA and my e/m. Quite weird. Currently can't get an e/m to him.) If you don't hear from me for awhile, you will know what is going on. (Grin and Two Thumbs Up)
Greg Byington
Roger that, Gary. That is odd. Hopefully you can get it cleared up soon. Hang in there, eh!
Tim Bynum
I thought the ER-2 was only flown by NASA? If that is the case, wouldn't it be white with a NASA tail flashing? What distinguishes this from a normal U-2?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Tim. This is a U2. That is what I entered. When the U2 designation is entered, the title "Lockheed ER-2" automatically appears. Nothing I can do to change that. Same thing will happen to you if you post a pic of a U2 and enter "U2" in the box. (Wave)
jim garrity
I loved watching them t/o from kvny, when I was growing up!( I had 100% clear view from next door to their hanger)!
Tom Vance
Absolute Killer! 5*****
William Barker
Excellent picture Gary. It takes me back to my apprenticeship days at Lockheed on the original U-2s and SR-71s.

Thank you!
Tom Vance
Tim Bynum: http://cfapp.icao.int/Doc8643/reports/Part2-By%20Type%20Designator%28Decode%29.pdf

copy/paste. i think you have to download this, then you'll get a search button too!

try this link, Gman posted this awhile back and it helps ID aircraft for the FA pages here. though they all don't fit, you'll see how certain air frames are grouped together......it works but not perfect.
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