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Embraer 175 (N170SY)


As the very first minutes of light begin to remove night's darkness from the Truckee Meadows, Skywest's N170SY accelerates down runway 16R to end its RON stay in Reno and start another busy day with a dawn departure to San Jose (KSJC).


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Because I was fairly close, I decided not to use my Speedlite flash. Although I really doubted that it would be any type of distraction, it does give off a very intense flash and after thinking about it, I decided that any type of complaint would probably erase any future opportunities for me to be out there. As the old saying goes: "Better safe than sorry." So I snapped this handheld with no flash as the E75L raced past.
Gary... I much prefer this spotting capture sans any flash. Not only a more natural exposure results, but unwanted shadows are avoided too! :-)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff ... I honestly believe the flash, even with the flash hood being used to enhance the light, would not have done much to illuminate the Embraer any better. I was fairly close and the flash IS bright when set to max intensity, but it has its range limitations. And I am also (almost) certain that it would not have been any type of distraction to the pilots. However, in this day and age, a sudden burst of intense light aimed right at a jet as it is on its D roll just might startle someone in the front office and may be misinterpreted as some type of threat or etc. So I just figured it was better to not use the Speedlite. No chance of any unintentional danger to the paxbird and no chance of a complaint that would likely have ended any future opportunities for me. And I agree with you. This came out quire well despite being handheld in low light on a rapidly moving subject. I'm OK with this result. TY for the compli. And an e/m reply is coming your way soon. (Wave)
Gary... I believe your decision to forego using that Speedlite flash unit was sound and prudent to say the least!!! :-)
Cade Emtage
Awesome Shot Gary! 5*****
Very good night shot!
Keep em coming!
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
22-01-2020 E75LInt'l de San Diego ()Int'l Fresno Yosemite () 07:20PM PST 08:20PM PST Programado
22-01-2020 E75LRegional del Condado de Luis Obispo ()Int'l de San Diego () 02:14PM PST 03:00PM PST Programado
22-01-2020 E75LInt'l de San Diego ()Regional del Condado de Luis Obispo () 12:22PM PST 01:07PM PST Programado
22-01-2020 E75LInt'l de San José ()Int'l de San Diego () 10:00AM PST 11:09AM PST Programado
22-01-2020 E75LBoise ()Int'l de San José () 08:20AM MST 08:59AM PST Programado
21-01-2020 E170Int'l de San José ()Boise () 05:31PM PST 07:53PM MST Programado
21-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Los Ángeles ()Int'l de San José () 11:34AM PST 12:29PM PST 0:54
21-01-2020 E75LSpokane Intl ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 08:19AM PST 10:41AM PST 2:21
20-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Los Ángeles ()Spokane Intl () 09:11PM PST 11:08PM PST 1:57
20-01-2020 E75LSpokane Intl ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 05:33PM PST 07:54PM PST 2:20
20-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Spokane Intl () 04:04PM PST 04:42PM PST 0:38
20-01-2020 E75LSpokane Intl ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 02:13PM PST 02:55PM PST 0:42
20-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Los Ángeles ()Spokane Intl () 11:24AM PST 01:16PM PST 1:51
20-01-2020 E75LInt'l de San José ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 08:34AM PST 09:31AM PST 0:56
19-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Reno-Tahoe ()Int'l de San José () 06:33PM PST 07:18PM PST 0:45
19-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Portland ()Int'l de Reno-Tahoe () 04:05PM PST 05:13PM PST 1:08
19-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Vancouver ()Int'l de Portland () 02:13PM PST 03:03PM PST 0:49
19-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Portland ()Int'l de Vancouver () 12:15PM PST 01:04PM PST 0:49
19-01-2020 E75LSpokane Intl ()Int'l de Portland () 05:32AM PST 06:26AM PST 0:53
18-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Los Ángeles ()Spokane Intl () 08:17PM PST 10:29PM PST 2:11
18-01-2020 E75LSpokane Intl ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 04:47PM PST 07:05PM PST 2:18
18-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Spokane Intl () 03:02PM PST 03:39PM PST 0:37
18-01-2020 E75LSpokane Intl ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 01:09PM PST 02:01PM PST 0:52
18-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Los Ángeles ()Spokane Intl () 09:35AM PST 11:42AM PST 2:06
18-01-2020 E75LDallas Love Field ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 06:54AM CST 07:48AM PST 2:54
17-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Los Ángeles ()Dallas Love Field () 05:18PM PST 10:05PM CST 2:46
17-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Salt Lake City ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 03:06PM MST 03:34PM PST 1:28
17-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Los Ángeles ()Int'l de Salt Lake City () 11:25AM PST 01:55PM MST 1:29
17-01-2020 E75LInt'l de San José ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 08:33AM PST 09:24AM PST 0:51
16-01-2020 E75LInt'l de San Diego ()Int'l de San José () 01:41PM PST 02:48PM PST 1:06
15-01-2020 E75LBoise ()Int'l de San Diego () 07:40AM MST 08:33AM PST 1:53
14-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Portland ()Boise () 09:31PM PST 11:19PM MST 0:48
14-01-2020 E75LMunicipal de Santa Bárbara ()Int'l de Portland () 06:00PM PST 08:01PM PST 2:01
14-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Portland ()Municipal de Santa Bárbara () 03:07PM PST 04:54PM PST 1:46
14-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Sacramento ()Int'l de Portland () 11:37AM PST 12:58PM PST 1:20
14-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l de Reno-Tahoe () 10:10AM PST 11:40AM PST Cancelado
14-01-2020 E75LBoise ()Int'l de Sacramento () 10:16AM MST 10:30AM PST 1:13
13-01-2020 E75LInt'l de San Diego ()Boise () 08:31PM PST 11:15PM MST 1:44
13-01-2020 E75LInt'l Fresno Yosemite ()Int'l de San Diego () 06:27PM PST 07:17PM PST 0:50
13-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l Fresno Yosemite () 04:07PM PST 05:47PM PST 1:39
13-01-2020 E75LSchulz-Sonoma County ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 11:15AM PST 12:51PM PST 1:35
13-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Schulz-Sonoma County () 08:50AM PST 10:23AM PST 1:32
13-01-2020 E75LSpokane Intl ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 05:10AM PST 06:12AM PST Cancelado
12-01-2020 E170Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Spokane Intl () 11:40PM PST 12:21AM PST (+1) Cancelado
12-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Calgary ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 10:10PM MST 10:27PM PST 1:16
12-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l de Calgary () 04:36PM PST 06:44PM MST 1:07
12-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Sacramento ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 01:13PM PST 03:00PM PST 1:46
12-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l de Sacramento () 10:26AM PST 11:45AM PST 1:18
12-01-2020 E75LInt'l Fresno Yosemite ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 06:33AM PST 08:40AM PST 2:06
11-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l Fresno Yosemite () 09:43PM PST 11:18PM PST 1:34
11-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Portland ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 07:08PM PST 07:44PM PST 0:35
11-01-2020 E75LSchulz-Sonoma County ()Int'l de Portland () 01:20PM PST 02:40PM PST 1:20
11-01-2020 E75LJohn Wayne ()Schulz-Sonoma County () 10:42AM PST 12:02PM PST 1:20
11-01-2020 E75LSchulz-Sonoma County ()John Wayne () 08:13AM PST 09:22AM PST 1:08
10-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Schulz-Sonoma County () 07:03PM PST 08:32PM PST 1:28
10-01-2020 E75LInt'l Fresno Yosemite ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 03:36PM PST 05:34PM PST 1:57
10-01-2020 E75LInt'l de San Diego ()Int'l Fresno Yosemite () 01:27PM PST 02:19PM PST 0:52
10-01-2020 E75LInt'l de Sacramento ()Int'l de San Diego () 11:21AM PST 12:26PM PST 1:04
10-01-2020 E75LInt'l de San Diego ()Int'l de Sacramento () 08:48AM PST 10:20AM PST 1:32
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