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Embraer ERJ-190 (N216JB)


Beginning its first flight of a new revenue day, jetBlue's "Blue Getaways" (N216JB) is just rotating from Runway 5.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Sixty plus years ago, at the "5" end of Runway 5-23, it was very easy to get right up next to the runway. We would park our bikes and sit by the runway. When the Blue Angel F-11 Tiger crash-landed on runway 23 (62 years ago - Aug 2, 1958), it slid off 23-5 very near the end and ended up on Genessee St. And it had not gone thru any fence because there was no fence back then. But times changed and nowadays not only is it impossible to stand next to the edge of Runway 5, the entire area outside the fence all the way to the Genessee St/ Cayuga Rd intersection is off limits. I positioned there on foot on one of my previous visits and I was able to snap a couple of arrivals going right over my head. But within a very few minutes, a Niagara Frontier Transit Authority patrol came by (on the other side of the fence) to check my ID and find out what I was doing. I had no choice but to tell them I was a tourist from Nevada (and I presented my D/License) making my first-ever visit to Western New York and I was not aware that being at that location was prohibited. They were nice and just gave me a warning and instructions to move along. It sure isn't the 60s any more. (Wistful sigh)
Darryl Sarno
Great shot Gary!
Dwight Hartje
Those E190 look rather strange with the full size sat-com boxes on them. Great pic, Gary! I'm really excited for RNO to be getting LAX service on JBU. They are switching from LGB to LAX due to JetBlue pulling out of Long Beech entirely.
Fiona Hunt
Awesome photos, Gary. I hope that you're having a good summer.
Gavin Hughes
Great action shot Gary. Nailed it with all the plane in crisp detail and background blur, and on top of that, a great background story.

As to security, I don't know what it's like in the US but at least here, GENERALLY, stress generally, if you don't try be a smart-a.. you will be politely dealt with if any action is necessary. Then again our airport security is either airport personnel or Aust Federal Police, not private security and therein, could be a big difference
Tom Vance
Classic Gman pic and story behind the numbers....and visit! Though there is only 1 Runway 5, there are 5 stars for the picture.
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