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98-0001 — - A SAAM (Special Assignment Air Mission) C-32A // VC-32A, USAF 98-0001, mission designation Phoenix Silver 80001, call: "Air Force Two," transporting the VPOTUS, is just about to touch down on Runway 16R in late morning (thirty-six minutes before straight up high noon) yesterday, 3 Jun 22.br /br /98-0001br /Boeing C-32A // aka: VC-32A ... a B757-2G4br /1st Airlift Squadron, SAAM unit of 89th Airlift Wingbr /Air Mobility Commandbr /Andrews AFB /// JB Andrews, MDbr /Mission Designation: "Phoenix Silver SAAM 80001," call: "Air Force Two" (because the VPOTUS is aboard)
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98-0001 —


A SAAM (Special Assignment Air Mission) C-32A // VC-32A, USAF 98-0001, mission designation Phoenix Silver 80001, call: "Air Force Two," transporting the VPOTUS, is just about to touch down on Runway 16R in late morning (thirty-six minutes before straight up high noon) yesterday, 3 Jun 22.

Boeing C-32A // aka: VC-32A ... a B757-2G4
1st Airlift Squadron, SAAM unit of 89th Airlift Wing
Air Mobility Command
Andrews AFB /// JB Andrews, MD
Mission Designation: "Phoenix Silver SAAM 80001," call: "Air Force Two" (because the VPOTUS is aboard)


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Greg Byington
Very nice shot, Gary!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The $$$$$ that was spent to cover all the expenses involved in bringing the VP here so she could make a fairly short speech to 40 or so city mayors at a conference here could have been far, FAR better spent if it had been put toward reducing the unbelievable cost of a gallon of gasoline across the country. In LA, for example, the price of one gallon of gas is around $8.45. so $40.00 doesn't even buy 5 gallons. Now, I don't know how much a gallon of AvGas is currently selling for, but you can bet she isn't paying it.
What? She couldn't have stayed wherever it is she's been hiding for almost two years and simply appeared on the big screen that's installed in our Convention Center to address a mere 40 people? Just FORTY people!! Forty!! But there was a C-17 that came here to drop off at least six SS limos (and then haul them back out after she left); the RPD had almost EVERY officer on duty including their RAVEN helicopter, America's SS troops were here in large numbers, countless airline passengers were delayed when she arrived and again when she departed, the cost of flying the C-32A in my photo above sure 'nuff wasn't cheap, and yet she just HAD to appear here IN PERSON to address 40 people!
Talking to those 41 people (including the VP) on a big TV screen was good enough for the Ukranian President (V.Z.) -- he also made a speech to those mayors -- ON the big screen! But our VP had to actually appear here in person -- to dazzle 40 people! And this morning, the price of gas went up another 10 cents a gallon. Just sayin' ..... !!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Greg. TY for the compli re; the photo. And I ask your (and everyone else's) forgiveness for the rant, but I could not help but vent here under my pic. It was a mere 40 city mayors that were here at our Convention Center -- only forty -- and only mayors -- NOT governors -- NOT congresspersons .... One of the mayors is the mayor of some Putzwater city here in Nevada -- probably burned $50.00 - $60.00 worth of gas to drive there and back and then charged it to the city expense account. But the VP isn't the only Top Dog putting in personal appearance when he could be using the computer screen like the rest of America has to. And here is the final indignity. Yesterday, there were people other than me who went to KRNO to see (and perhaps photograph) the jet that THEY pay to purchase, protect, and operate -- with their tax dollars -- and just before it arrived some were told they had to move. It's THEIR jet -- they are OWNERS -- and they aren't able to even get close enough to snap a photo of it. Helluva country we live in!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
OK, now I'm being advised there were about 700 people in attendance for the VP's speech. However, when I inquired as to how many of those 700 people were "Mayors' of cities, I received no reply. And I'm still waiting. Certainly, it is natural to expect that if the second-most-powerful leader of our country is going to make an appearance in a city, lots of folks are going to want to attend. And how horrible would it look if a city invited the US VP to come for a chat and the place was empty? So, OK, I am wrong; there WERE far more than 40 people there. But how many homeless were allowed in by offering them a free ham sandwich - just to make the crowd larger? And how many homeless spent another night under a tarp while the VP had U.S. taxpayers shell out ultra-thousands of bucks so she could safely fly around in a fairly luxurious jet that the Owners aren't even permitted to WALK through? Yeah, right!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cool! I just got an e/m "reminding" me that I should not criticize "someone else's photo." TOO funny! It's MY photo. And where in all of my Comments have I criticized MY photo? The photo is fine. And then, the same e/m also pointed out that this is not a site to express "politics' and "anti-political party" sentiments. Huh? There is absolutely NO mention of ANY political party in any of my Comments. As a matter of fact, there isn't even a name mentioned. (Must have been a graduate of a "SPED REEDING COARSE." lololol)
Gavin Hughes
For my penny's worth - a great pic and nothing wrong with a little rant once in a while. It'd still be a LOT of money even if it was just Ms Harris and a couple of others only, but politicians don't travel cheaply. I can understand the need for security but nobody does security like that surrounding the POTUS or VPOTUS.
a mentor
IMO -- the best way is not to rant or fume but to IGNORE and don't participate. The last president goes balistic when ignored :-)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, howdy, Gavin ... Yep. It doesn't matter who; the cost is phenomenal. Just to add a bit of perspective, this morning, the cost of a gallon of gas in California hit $9.80/gal (and just went over $10/gallon in a few locations). The minimum wage there is $15.00 / hour. So a person earning minimum wage there works an hour to make enough $ to buy one gallon of gas and has FIVE DOLLARS and TEN CENTS left to pay for EVERYTHING ELSE. In New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, the minimum wage is only $7.30 / hr. So if gas hits $9.80 there, a person who works an hour at minimum wage will actually have to take TWO and a HALF DOLLARS out of his/her savings just to be able to buy ONE GALLON of gas. But our nation's leaders can afford to flit around the country for trips as I just documented with my pic above -- trips costing THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of bucks. (And a PS - There weren't 700 mayors here for the conference; yes, there were 700 people present when the VPOTUS dropped in, but after she left so did over 600 of them. The local press kept THAT info under wraps.) (And another PS - Only 10 weeks ago, the FLOTUS was here, a visit that ALSO required a C-17 to come with a bunch of limos, SS protection, etc., etc., so she could speak for about 35 minutes to a graduating class at a Community College. Add up just the cost of those TWO visits and its ultra-thousands of $$$$$$$$.) Yeah, Gav, my wife and I have donated food to help the locals in our area who can't afford food; we have donated $ to help the Ukranian cause, we have donated essential staples to shelters, we have settled for talking to family and friends instead of seeing them, and we have even paid a bit of a perfect stranger's grocery bill. AND we are paying out the Wazoo so the VPOTUS and FLOTUS can scoot around the country making personal appearances -- especially here in Reno?? It's just Reno! Touts itself as "The Biggest Little City!!" If we are so proud of being a "Little City," how do we deserve these EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE visits -- two in less than 3 months? Sure, I am a huge devotee of the hobby of aviation photographer so if an opportunity comes whereby I can take clicks like the one above, I take advantage of the opportunity ... but are these opportunities the highest priority while the people of this country and many, many others are just struggling to exist? I think not! I am not objecting to personal visits to places where people's lives have been shattered by the actions of absolute jerkwads, but there seems to be a disconnect: make personal appearances to everyday people living in everyday places who have been devastated by tragedy and act all sympathetic to what they are enduring ... and THEN blow ultra-thousands of dollars that could well be spent on things far more important to the everyday citizen in order to make thirty-minute personal appearances that could just as easily be made on large screen TVs. Obviously no consideration being given to what 99.99999% of the citizens of the U.S. and the world are enduring. Let's just watch and see where the next BS visit will be to ....
AND to the viewer who wrote me to say these Comments are not appropriate to the photo I posted (above), you'd better look a bit closer at the pic. What does it say along the fuselage? The jet IS about the United States of America. It represents the United States of America ... wherever it goes. So KMA! If you don't like the Comments I'm making that absolutely pertain to the photo I posted that shows the AF2 jet arriving here, then don't read them. But if (or perhaps when) someone YOU care about finally gives up trying to get by, you'll sing a different tune. I guarantee it. (gcs)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Jeff. My added sentences weren't directed toward you. I had just read an e/m from a person who said the Comments had zilch to do with the photo. Wrong. The photo shows a specialized VIP-equipped aircraft operated by the U.S. government arriving here on a BS -- and SUPER expensive -- unimportant visit. The second unimportant visit that's been made to here in 10 weeks. So I copied and reposted my mini-novella comment with the added sentences. (Wave)
Darryl Sarno
Beautiful shot Gary!
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