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Boeing 727-200 (N479FE)


I just happened to be checking out some newly-posted photos by a photographer I'd not noticed previously when I came across one of his photos of this FDX Boeing tri, and I realized that I had an old click of the same aircraft. When I discovered that there were only three photos of "Norah" (N479FE) in the gallery, and that all three were taken after she was WFU and donated to KALB, I decided to dig thru my old storage discs to see if I could find my pic of it. I found it in my 2008 discs.
This 8-year-old click is a 2008 capture of FDX's "Norah" on very s/f to Reno Tahoe International's runway 34L. Four year later, "Norah" made its final flight when FDX sent it to KALB for training use by the airport's FD. A picture of it there, partially stripped down, was the photo I found while checking out the excellent pics of another FA photog contributor. (See "Comments" below for full ID of the other FA photog, and please go view the superb photos in his folder.)


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
I strongly urge any FA gallery viewer who enjoys seeing outstanding aviation photos and who appreciates excellent aviation photography to take a few minutes to look thru the folder of Photographer Chris Hork (SEARCH: godsfriendchuck). Mr. Hork had recently posted some new shots and I came upon those while glancing thru the thumbnails of newly posted snaps. Suggestion: When viewing his photos, don't just look at the Medium and Large thumbnails (neither of those thumbnail sizes show the actual clarity / quality of a photo because thumbnails are reductions of a picture's real size); instead, view his photos at FULL image size to see the true quality. And don't forget to set your computer screen size to 100%, also.
Dave Sheehy
Glad you found that one Gary! 5* shot!
steve jenney
i believe there is also a FDX tri at JFK opposite the cell phone lot near Delta headquarters.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Steve J ... TY for the info. FDX donated "Ginger" (a B727) to the KBUF FD for training, and now I discovered Chris's pic of "Norah" at KALB. Do you maybe know which one is at JFK?
Mark See
Amazing shot Gary! Full five for this one and also for the Memorial Day shots. Great camera work :)
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