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McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30 (N916CK)


Caught just in time! This old bird was sitting on the tarmac all night, then I get here just in time to see it taxiing by! I'm also trying a new view, but it did get me kicked out. I'll be back ;)


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c m
Just wondering from what vantage you took this photo? I'm familiar with KJAN from way back.thx
Casey SamnekPhoto Uploader
Hi, c m! The vantage is a service entrance near the entrance of the airport itself by the sign. It's not safe to go to, because obviously I got kicked out. Thanks.
c m
You mean like half a mile back from the terminal on the east side of the entrance drive? I spent countless hours listening to traffic around KJAN back in the 80s.(Don't feel bad. My Sony Air-8 and I were once asked to scram from the end of one of the runways at KMSY!) Best--cm
I remember taking photos from the observation deck at KJAN... back in the good ole days. It's all different now and capturing aircraft photos from almost anywhere will garner attention from the airport authorities nowadays.
Casey SamnekPhoto Uploader
Hey cliff, I usually just hang around up top on the parking garage. 9 times out of 10 they'll see I'm just hanging out snapping some photos but then there's the 1 who has to play big boss. All-in-all, it's fairly enjoyable to sit up there with a cold coke and some chips!
Casey, you might have found the one safe haven at KJAN to capture photos from. Certainly, hanging out at the airport ain't like it used to be!
c m
Hard to believe that back in the late 80s KJAN had Delta, American, United, and, for a short time, even Eastern, with MD88s, DC9s, 727s, and a 737. As Fred Willard would say, Wha happened?
Casey SamnekPhoto Uploader
Hey, c m, I remember not too long ago COA and NWA flew into here. I actually have a photo uploaded, granted not a great one, of a NWA Link CRJ on the ramp! http://flightaware.com/photos/view/3636973-89f4085cd102881514e10b6431765f7641c90ff7/user/lancaster12344/sort/votes/page/4
Casey, as I know you are aware, even Southwest Airlines pulled out of KJAN in the recent past. I suspect increasing fees and costs with stagnant passenger revenue growth at this airport all combined to made continued operations impossible.
Casey SamnekPhoto Uploader
Cliff, it's a shame SWA had to bail. I missed seeing the 737s and maybe getting a chance to see a special livery! AA and DAL have been flying in A319s and 737s once in a while but it's always on a blue moon. Then there's the occasional DC-9, plus the 717s basically replacing the MD-88s that fly into here.
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