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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (N69972)
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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (N69972)



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Geoffrey PEARSON
What can I say?
"If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going!"
comes to mind.
Great to see another Superfort in the air.
Amazing capture!
Casey... I'm glad to see you made it to Barksdale AFB this year for their big airshow!
Leon Kay
The most impressive plane for me is that 8 engine Boeing B-52 Stratofortress. Although production started in 1952 they are still in service, and expected to be in service for another 25 years.
Alan Hume
BUFF, father and grandfather. What an awesome trio!
David Seider
Bill Boeing would be proud!
Nice to see that "Doc" is getting around!

Stunning Picture!
Joe Wood
Recips are to the firewall. BUFF is at minimums, in a shallow dive, and flaps extended. Boy how far we have come! Great shot sir.
David Simpson
B17 Flying Fortress
B29 Superfortress
B52 Stratofortress
Neil Klapthor
My father-in-law flew the B17 (shot down over Italy, bailed out), my father flew the B29 and the B52 and I was a navigator and bombardier in the B52. I get a little tingle up the back of my neck just looking at these great warbirds. Fantastic shot!
Tim Bynum
An awesome tribute to all of the volunteers who have put years and years of time into restoring Doc! Great job!!
Sterling Derrick
Whenever I see a photo of close formation flying like this, I can't help but think of the XB-70 and what happened to it.
Leon Artac
Thank you and your Father in Law and Dad for your service! You ARE great Americans, just like these war birds!
Michael Beckhoff
How can you not give this shot 5 stars??
Grandfather, father and son in the air together! Words cannot convey what this picture shows!
Jean P.
Mother and Father and their child
Andres Bustamante
¿Deseas un historial completo para N69972 a partir de 1998? Compra ahora. Recíbelo dentro de una hora.
Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
03-07-2022 UnknownTyler Pounds Rgnl ()Wichita Eisenhower () 04:15PM CDT 06:00PM CDT 1:44
03-07-2022 UnknownTyler Pounds Rgnl ()Tyler Pounds Rgnl () 11:26AM CDT 11:29AM CDT 0:03
03-07-2022 UnknownTyler Pounds Rgnl ()Tyler Pounds Rgnl () 09:25AM CDT 09:55AM CDT 0:30
02-07-2022 UnknownTyler Pounds Rgnl ()Tyler Pounds Rgnl () 06:48PM CDT 07:38PM CDT 0:49
02-07-2022 UnknownTyler Pounds Rgnl ()Tyler Pounds Rgnl () 02:42PM CDT 03:08PM CDT 0:25
02-07-2022 UnknownTyler Pounds Rgnl ()Tyler Pounds Rgnl () 01:17PM CDT 01:42PM CDT 0:24
01-07-2022 UnknownTyler Pounds Rgnl ()Tyler Pounds Rgnl () 07:01PM CDT 07:19PM CDT 0:18
01-07-2022 UnknownTyler Pounds Rgnl ()Tyler Pounds Rgnl () 10:54AM CDT 11:19AM CDT 0:25
01-07-2022 UnknownCerca de Stjordal, NordCerca de Stjordal, Nord First seen 02:36PM CEST Last seen 02:40PM CEST 0:04
30-06-2022 UnknownWichita Eisenhower ()Tyler Pounds Rgnl () 12:52PM CDT 02:51PM CDT 1:59
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