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BOEING 747-100


A United Airlines 747 headed for the breaker - circa year 2000 at Greenwood-Leflore Airport, GWO.


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Casey Samnek
Greenwood-Leflore is a very familiar place to me. I've been there a few times and at one point saw a few NWA DC-10's! Of course, this was ages ago. Love this photo!
cliff731Photo Uploader
Casey, thanks for the good words. I've also been there a few times, but not since these photos were taken. I remember seeing some DC-10's and L-1011's. Not sure which carrier was flying them. Years ago there was an almost intact B-25 Mitchell parked at GWO, minus the rear half of its fuselage. Some of the WWII USAAF airbase structures were still standing then.
Casey Samnek
Hey, Cliff. Just uploaded a load of new birdies from my recent trip to Dallas. Check them out if you're interested!
cliff731Photo Uploader
Hi, Casey... I'm on my way to view your new uploads. Thanks for the heads up!!!
Casey Samnek
Uploaded a batch of regional jets. Including an old AAE livery!
cliff731Photo Uploader
Casey... thanks for the heads up. I'm viewing them now!
Casey Samnek
Not sure if you saw, but I found a photo from the airshow I went to in 2014. Have a look!
Casey Samnek
Uploaded some photos from the 2016 Spirit of St. Louis Air Show! Have a look!
Casey Samnek
Hey, buddy, uploaded a few photos. Including one I totally forgot I had! It's a surprise (I just uploaded it so not hard to find!)
Maxx Puterman
Photo borrowed from your house, please stop posting comments on my photos.
Roy Hunte
Maxx there is no use being a thief with an attitude, it doesn't get you anywhere.
sam kuminecz
Max if you don't want comments in your photos then don't post photos. Simple
Chris Partin
I miss those B747s Of UAL, Was This Really A B747-100?? idk i just think 2000 is very late for a B741
cliff731Photo Uploader
Chris Partin - this Boeing was likely stored for a number of years before being scrapped. Based upon the best information available to me at the time and knowing that United had operated a significant number of 747-100 types... and not having the FAA registration number from this a/c... this seemed to be a logical choice.


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