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BOEING 747-100 (N857FT)


Polar Air Cargo's "R. Rand Walters", N857FT, a Boeing 747-132 showing from the original Fujichrome taken circa year 2000 at Greenwood-Leflore Airport, KGWO. This was the end of the line for her and those other aircraft seen in the photo.


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Daniel Purdo
So long big guy!!
Casey Samnek
Hey, Cliff! Just got back from ATL in the cold and rain. Uploaded some photos, may upload more later! Check them out.
cliff731Photo Uploader
Casey... thanks for the heads up and it looks like you've been quite busy! I believe you have more cold and rain yet to come for ATL.
Casey Samnek
Cliff! A big birdy came to visit JAN! Give her a look!
Casey Samnek
Hey, Cliff. Captured a first for FA, another Canadian Car & Foundry Harvard Mk. IV, at the recent NATA training sessions!Didn't recognize it until I just editted the photo.
sam kuminecz
SX-BEE, a 1980 A300B4-102 former Olympic Airways
cliff731Photo Uploader
Thanks, Casey... I'll go have a look at it!!!
cliff731Photo Uploader
Sam... your "ID" on the Olympic Airways Airbus is much appreciated!
sam kuminecz
awesome photo Cliff, I appreciate you posting this
cliff731Photo Uploader
Thanks, Sam... I appreciate your kind words!!!
Casey Samnek
Hey cliff!

I have a favour to ask of you, I'm trying to do some history on 44-34559 (The RB-26 on display outside of the ANG base) and I was wondering if you have any information at all about it. I've found some info on it and a few photos but I can't get any details from it that would help figure out what the plane looked like during operation with the 153d TRS. If you have any information at all it would be very helpful, and any new photos of it would be helpful as well. Also if you know anything at all about the Mississippi ANG's history with RB-26 Invaders, photos if possible, then those would be the biggest help!
cliff731Photo Uploader
Casey... is there a way to reach you by e-mail or phone?

Have you by chance visited the base at Thompson Field and inquired?
Casey Samnek
Cliff, had a successful day of photos today!
Casey Samnek
Got some new photos in today. Including a Falcon and C-17 :]
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