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Boeing 727-200 (N495AJ)


Gone are the past where could of relax on the beach while watching the wonderful view of them metal birds zoom by. Here we have Amerijet Boeing 727 Registration N495AJ seen departing St Maarten for MIA.


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Lonnie Penner
Great shot! Really like the 727’s. Wish there were more of them. And the nice, white sandy beach...ahhh!!! Would like to be there. We have nice white beaches here too, but it isn’t sand...brrr,sigh.
daniel jefPhoto Uploader
Yea its a nice place to be!!
Gavin Hughes
Great pic again Daniel. As I posted on another pic today, sole focus doesn't always need to be the aircraft when there's a good (or interesting) background.
daniel jefPhoto Uploader
@ Gavin thank you very much and its thru what your saying well said!!!
Lewis Tripp
Wrong Gavin, it has to be the aircraft, this is an aviation site.
Gary Schenauer
Hi, Lewis. I'm not trying to be argumentative with you, but I'd like to point out that of the Top Twelve highest rated STAFF PICKS in the photo gallery, one of the photos (ranked in the Top Five of the many hundreds of thousands in the gallery) is a photo of a lady in a bikini and two other pictures (in the Top Twelve highest ranked STAFF PICKS in the site's gallery) are photos of dogs. I'm not saying you are wrong that the focus SHOULD be about the aircraft, but apparently the folks at FA who make the STAFF PICKS selections don't feel that the focus "has" to be on the aircraft. So Gavin's comment is correct. As for any photo taken by Daniel Jef, he is a master of aviation photography and any picture he clicks is INDEED focused on the aircraft. There are some contributors who submit pics that show aircraft partially hidden behind trees or telephone poles or white contrails where it is obviously the tree or pole or the contrail that is the focus of the picture, etc., etc. IMO, if Mr. Jef posts a photo in this gallery for us to view, the photo is nothing less than an "Aviation Photo Work of Art" because he is one of the finest aviation photogs on the planet.
Great! shot <3
Sandi Jones
Fantastic photo, Daniel.
Brian Carlin
Well said Gary!! and another excellent photo Daniel!!! I really miss the 727, so it's great to see it still flying. Like most aviation enthusiasts, TNCM and Maho beach are on my bucket list.
ken kemper
Just a beautiful Photo Daniel.

No doubt the best of the week...........
Nice. WhisperJet at TNCM.
Pablo Rogina
Not sure if it's very relaxing at that beach resort close to 3 JT8D engines roaring during take-off...
What I love about pics like this is that it shows a background other than plain, ordinary buildings that typically surround airports. It shows that there is more to the world than just that mauve faced hotel 500' from the airport property.
a mentor
Great Depth of Field ( aka high f-Stop number)
Mark Huntsinger
This is completely fake. That beach looks NOTHING like this.
daniel jefPhoto Uploader
@ Lewis Tripp to me the photo has an aircraft in it.
@ Gary Schenauer thank you well said.
@ nicolas50 thank you.
@ Sandi Jones thank you.
@ Brian Carlin thank you.
@ ken kemper thanks much.
@ jthyland it was one loud bird.
@ Pablo Rogina it really is a relaxing beach.
@ WhiteKnight77 well said thanks.
@ a mentor thank you.
@ Mark Huntsinger hahahah well let us see in one of your pictures what it really looks like thank you.
Mark Thomas
Mark Huntsinger, I'm guessing this shot was taken from Simpson Bay, that beach runs parallel to the runway, not Maho Beach at all. Nothing fake about Daniels shots.
daniel jefPhoto Uploader
@ Mark Thomas well said!!
Don Ridgeway
The good days will return
daniel jefPhoto Uploader
@ Don Ridgeway thanks we hope so
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
19-09-2020 UnknownCerca de Niagara Falls, NYCerca de Pelee, Ontario First seen 05:17PM EDT Last seen 06:30PM EDT 1:13
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