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Boeing 737-800 (HP1717CMP) - Gone are the days where maho beach use to look like this. Copa Airlines Boeing 737 HP-1717CMP over the beach for landing at St Maarten.
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Boeing 737-800 (HP1717CMP)


Gone are the days where maho beach use to look like this. Copa Airlines Boeing 737 HP-1717CMP over the beach for landing at St Maarten.


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Joan Williams
Amazing shot Daniel! I hope to go to TNCM some day (once COVID-19 ends).
daniel jefPhoto Uploader
@ Joan Williams thank you and your always welcome to our island!!
Ignacio Gonzalez
they sure will come back, the problem is that half of the airlines will be broken then,is so sad seeing all that planes grounded.
daniel jefPhoto Uploader
@ Ignacio thats all thru what your saying lets see what happens!!!
John S Jones
Beautiful photo!
William Vernile
It's amazing how the aqua color of the ocean is reflected on the underside of the aircraft. Fantastic photo!
George Hall
I have been there. The bar, the beach AND the fence. Watched a 737 take off. I KNOW why they have stopped allowing beach goers to run up to the fence. When the pilot "floors it" the thrust literally blows you back and fast. I had to hold on to dear life to the fence and I was flying horizontally. Lost my cap, sun glasses and almost my clothes. The runway is short and steep mountains are at THE END OF THE RUNWAY. I was scared stiff. Those idiots on the beach thought it was a blast. Until someone got killed. Shame a hurricane destroyed the bar and restaurant. There was a large mural on a wall with a DC-3 on it. Gone now. Got a photo with me standing in front of it.
Gavin Hughes
Wasn't there once some sort of 'competition' to see who could hold onto the fence the longest? Absolute insanity and more so when it was one of the heavies.
George Hall
I did not know that, but I'm sure "a contest" was going on. Probably free drinks at the bar for the winner. Now the local police block the road traffic when planes take off(between the beach and the fence) and prohibit people on the beach rushing to the fence after the death occurred.
Gavin Hughes
George...sanity prevails. Free drinks at the bar for the winner who could still stand up but with no hands:)
Don Ridgeway
Top shot mate, definitely 5*
daniel jefPhoto Uploader
Thanks guys !!
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
14-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l Silvio Pettirossi () 04:12PM EST 10:37PM -04 5:24
14-06-2021 B738Int'l El Dorado ()Int'l de Tocumen () 10:13AM -05 11:22AM EST 1:08
13-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l El Dorado () 07:26PM EST 08:33PM -05 1:06
13-06-2021 B738Int'l Ernesto Cortissoz ()Int'l de Tocumen () 03:16PM -05 04:13PM EST 0:56
13-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l Ernesto Cortissoz () 11:05AM EST 11:54AM -05 0:48
13-06-2021 B738Jorge Chávez Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 05:27AM -05 08:40AM EST 3:13
12-06-2021 UnknownInt'l de Tocumen ()Jorge Chávez Int'l () 10:06PM EST 01:09AM -05 (+1) 3:03
12-06-2021 B738Int'l de Cancún ()Int'l de Tocumen () 02:17PM EST 04:20PM EST 2:02
12-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Cancún () 10:37AM EST 12:50PM EST 2:12
12-06-2021 B738Int'l La Aurora ()Int'l de Tocumen () 06:24AM CST 09:16AM EST 1:51
11-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l La Aurora () 09:40PM EST 10:31PM CST 1:51
11-06-2021 B738Int'l Norman Manley ()Int'l de Tocumen () 02:25PM EST 04:00PM EST 1:34
11-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l Norman Manley () 11:14AM EST 12:54PM EST 1:39
11-06-2021 B738Int'l de Miami ()Int'l de Tocumen () 08:24AM EDT 09:52AM EST 2:28
10-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Miami () 06:17PM EST 09:53PM EDT 2:35
10-06-2021 UnknownInt'l Alfonso Bonilla Aragón ()Int'l de Tocumen () 03:18PM -05 04:25PM EST 1:07
10-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l Alfonso Bonilla Aragón () 11:13AM EST 12:21PM -05 1:08
10-06-2021 B738Int'l Silvio Pettirossi ()Int'l de Tocumen () 01:47AM -04 06:44AM EST 5:56
09-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l Silvio Pettirossi () 03:53PM EST 10:19PM -04 5:25
09-06-2021 B738Int'l de Miami ()Int'l de Tocumen () 12:15PM EDT 01:49PM EST 2:33
08-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Miami () 06:37PM EST 10:05PM EDT 2:28
08-06-2021 B738Int'l de Cancún ()Int'l de Tocumen () 06:42AM EST 08:50AM EST 2:08
07-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Cancún () 09:31PM EST 11:44PM EST 2:12
07-06-2021 B738Mariscal Sucre Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 02:47PM -05 04:10PM EST 1:22
07-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Mariscal Sucre Int'l () 10:44AM EST 12:12PM -05 1:27
07-06-2021 B738Int'l de Miami ()Int'l de Tocumen () 07:24AM EDT 08:53AM EST 2:28
06-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Miami () 06:32PM EST 10:06PM EDT 2:33
06-06-2021 B738Int'l Washington-Dulles ()Int'l de Tocumen () 01:07PM EDT 04:23PM EST 4:16
05-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l Washington-Dulles () 06:09PM EST 11:38PM EDT 4:28
05-06-2021 B738Int'l de Orlando ()Int'l de Tocumen () 08:07AM EDT 09:48AM EST 2:40
04-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Orlando () 06:14PM EST 10:12PM EDT 2:58
04-06-2021 B738Int'l El Dorado ()Int'l de Tocumen () 03:32PM -05 04:45PM EST 1:12
04-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l El Dorado () 10:40AM EST 11:46AM -05 1:06
04-06-2021 B738Int'l José María Córdova ()Int'l de Tocumen () 06:16AM -05 07:09AM EST 0:53
03-06-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l José María Córdova () 03:55PM EST 04:47PM -05 0:52
03-06-2021 B738Int'l de Miami ()Int'l de Tocumen () 12:48PM EDT 02:25PM EST 2:37
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