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Douglas DC-7 (N4887C) - Year: 1957br /Make: Douglas Aircraft br /Model: DC-7B br /Opby: Delta Air Lines (1956-1968)br /br /Only surviving DC-7B formerly operated by Delta Air Lines, now on display at the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta, GA.
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Douglas DC-7 (N4887C)


Year: 1957
Make: Douglas Aircraft
Model: DC-7B
Opby: Delta Air Lines (1956-1968)

Only surviving DC-7B formerly operated by Delta Air Lines, now on display at the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta, GA.


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Gary Schenauer
Pristine pic and the display looks to be in pristine condition too. No bird blessings and the paint looks crisp and clean. Superb snap, D.B., and TY VM for sharing it. Most likely I'll never get there to see it in person so this view is even more appreciated ..... * x 5 = 5 + !! = *****!!
D.B. WarrenPhoto Uploader
Appreciate the support Gary!

The whole museum was pretty awesome but the 4 aircraft on display outside were definitely the highlights of the trip, well worth the visit to ATL
Diana Rose
Nice shot wish we could see the rest of it.
D.B. WarrenPhoto Uploader
Diana -

Unfortunately where they have it parked in front of the museum also has a parking lot right next to it... this was the best shot out of about 25 that I took where the cars weren't visible in the background
Gary Schenauer
D.B. >>> Quick question. Do you know if there were opportunities for walk-through viewing of this (or of any of the outdoor displayed) aircraft? Sometimes museums schedule certain days when folks can go inside and view the interior pax cabin and even the cockpit section. And once again, an outstanding pic. Many thanks for posting it. G
D.B. WarrenPhoto Uploader
Gary -

The 747 Experience is open most days at 11am unless otherwise posted by the Delta Flight Museum and is included with admission... as far as the DC7, DC9, and 757 outside, the DC9 is the only other aircraft that they allow tours of the inside of (only once per month to "preserve the interior")
serge LOTH
On eof the best nice looking Quadri ever bilt (with the Connie).. DC6 wasn't bad either..another era,fortunatly I flew on these..I can talk to my grand children..!!
Luiz Vieira
Imagem fantástica
Dave McMaken
Beautiful old girl.
Ken Hardy
A great passenger airplane, right out of the High & the Mighty movie with John Wayne. I had the pleasure of flying on the DC-7 & DC-6, I liked to sit over the wing on night flights and watch the blue flames coming from the stacks of those wonderful Pratt engines as the fuel mixture was set on rich for takeoff.
Perfect shot, brings back fond memories standing on the observation deck of Friendship International Airport (BWI).
The sights and sounds that sparked my lifelong love that still has me looking up after 73 years.
Oh what an aircraft it was. But the DC-6 outlasted it by more than 10 years.
Reminds me of my first ramp job with Delta at DTW. Had a great career of 40m years with the big "D".
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