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Lockheed P-38 Lightning (N17630)


Lockheed P-38F Lightning NX17630 Glacier Girl and Lockheed P-38J Lightning NX138AM 23 Skidoo at the Planes of Fame air show at Chino, California on May 19, 2007.


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Fabian Dirscherl
nice catch
Brian LockettPhoto Uploader
Tail number 162 is "23 Skidoo"
ian mcdonell
terrific pic
Amazing to see two legends together. Great photo.
Ian Gregory
Now we need to see two Mosquitos in formation!
Rohit Shrivastava
Nice !!!
Great shot.
Don Lynch
Very, very, nice And to catch Glacier Girl is just an added plus.
Dennis Bishop
I was fortunate that about an hour after I saw this photo on FA, I saw one of these P38's fly over. I don't know which one it was. It was in a flight of 4, the others looking like T28, or something similar. They were just passing through around 7,000 ft., probably Chino to Camarillo California. Luck also touched me in 1997 when a friend and I were flying around TN, and happened upon Middlesboro (KY) airport (1A6). From the pattern I could see something was happening in one hangar. I walked over there to see Glacier Girl being rebuilt and renovated. It was a small operation with some terrific people rebuilding her.
Great warbirds.
Great warbirds.
robert kennington
"Now we need to see two Mosquitos in formation!"

Or two P-38s built of steam-bent Canadian birch plywood. ;)
Andrea Gentilini
To me the Lightning is the most beautiful WWII plane !!
Leon Kay
Thank you for a very good photo and the informative comment of this unusual aircraft that appears more like a bomber than a fighter aircraft.


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