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Rockwell Lancer —
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Rockwell Lancer —



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Chris Collinsworth
Amazing shot
ian mcdonell
that's impressive - great pic
Yvon Dionne
Wow great capture!!
Burn baby burn!
Well done Dan! Very unusual and eye-catching shot.
Luc Barbier
This is undoubtly a quadrireactor.
Surprisingly, the stream of the second one, from right, is perfectly aligned with the light at the top of the rudder. This add a part of mystery to the picture. Great !
Bill Butler
I trust you had ear defenders when that beast went over! Great catch.
Great shot!
Andy Power
Wow! Very cool, great shot!
John Gerty
Good illustration of what a heat seeking missile looks for.
David Seider
Sublime shot!
Almost looks like two F-15s busting out in a parallel take-off.
Wow, Rockwell. Great photo!
First photo I clicked in on because it was so intriguing! It still is!
A lot of laying on your back waiting for the right shot, eh?
So nice! Thank you!
my guess is a b1b on takeoff at night. Turning out of pattern.
Chris Partin


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