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Experimental 100kts-200kts (N2871G) - Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer
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Experimental 100kts-200kts (N2871G)


Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer


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Alan Brown
Great photo! Thanks!
yadollah saremian
please for general knowledge !-the A/C 2-write the name on the horizantile tail . Air bus , boeing. mig .........
Bruce Bennidick
Alan Hume
Never thought the Privateer looked right somehow. The Liberator was a much more balanced looking aircraft. Must have something to do with that huge tail!
Andy Power
Great shot! Beautiful subject too!
Allan Jones
Great picture, well captured.
Jason Belanger
Holy Smokes!! Best picture I've seen is a while! Well done!
Bruce McDanel
Nice picture; but, looking at the sky, it looks photo-shopped. For our friend who didn't know who made it, the company was Consolidated Vultee. This aircraft is a modification of the B-24 for low altitude marine reconnaissance and patrol in WWII. This one is a postwar Privateer heavily modified as a trainer. Even the engines have been changed. There is an example at the Flying Tiger Museum in Galveston, Texas, of the WWII aircraft. That aircraft was being restored to flying condition when a hurricane ruined it. Now, it is only for static display.
David Malsher
Bruce McDanel - I assure you that sky ain't photoshopped. It was the most weird SoCal weather for May. Sunburn one moment, rained on the next.
I tried to take shots as good as this with my iPhone - massive fail. All credit to the snapper in this instance. This plane was my hero of the show. It's always there but normally just a static exhibit.
But damn, it is weird looking compared with a B-24
HabujetPhoto Uploader
David Malsher is correct. Last Saturday May 6, produced some nice lighting with clouds and some sun as the Privateer and two B-25's paraded around the Chino fly-by pattern at the annual Planes of Fame airshow. The next day had similar lighting w/clouds & sun and then at the end of the show, a rain shower w/some lightning!
Bror Monberg
Very Nice!...catch the ailerons.
jesse kyzer
jesse kyzer
some more hustory at http://www.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=16969
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