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SUPERMARINE Spitfire (ANA749) - NH749 Spitfire Mk14
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NH749 Spitfire Mk14


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That's a FIVE star shot!
Outstanding! 5*****
Alan Brown
Interesting that this Spitfire was ID'd as an Airbus. Great photo! Interesting angle for the photo. Absolutely worth 5 stars.
John mcGeoghan
Finnish? Israeli? Can't make out insignia.Strong shot.
Alan Hume
Japanese Airbus A-321? I don't think so! But what a great study of a refurbished Spitfire! Loved the panned effect with the blurred background. It gives the photo real movement! This must be a Mk.XVIIIe given the 5-blade prop and bubble canopy. Good for close to 450 mph at 24,000 ft and a ceiling of 43,000 ft! Incredible! That's BizJet territory!
Don Lynch
Nice, real nice.
Great shot! You don't see too many in-flight pics from above.
Benjamin Taub
Aren't those New Zealand markings?
John mcGeoghan - This roundel insignia was used by the Royal Air Force in the SEAC (South East Asia Command) and CBI (China-Burma-India) theatre during the WWII period from 1942 to 1946.

The red colour center was removed and replaced with light blue to avoid confusion with the Japanese hinomaru. This blue was obtained with a mix of the normal roundel blue colour and white colour paints.

Aircraft in the CBI theatre commonly used roundels and fin flashes of approximately half the normal size.
John mcGeoghan
Cliff thank you Can I remember Burma giving permission for excavations to be made trying to locate crates of pre assembled Spitfires a few years ago? Were any found.?
Bror Monberg
The romance of flight! Altogether beautiful shot.
Luc Barbier
Ah ! AH ! Airbus A 321 !! ??????????????????????????????????
John mcGeoghan - You're welcome and my thanks to You. I seem to recall of those buried Spitfires, but don't remember ever reading exactly if any were successfully located and unearthed.
marylou anderson
Some Airbus--It wishes!
Great pic I gave it 5 stars!
Andrew Coulson
That's an excellent shot. Where were you?
Jeffrey Faucette
Most beautiful Airbus A321 Ive ever seen.
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02-10-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:35PM JST 04:15PM JST En Vuelo
01-10-2022 B738Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:36PM JST 04:15PM JST 0:39
30-09-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:40PM JST 04:19PM JST 0:38
29-09-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:45PM JST 04:23PM JST 0:38
28-09-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:42PM JST 04:20PM JST 0:38
27-09-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:44PM JST 04:24PM JST 0:40
26-09-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:39PM JST 04:18PM JST 0:38
25-09-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:39PM JST 04:19PM JST 0:39
24-09-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:41PM JST 04:19PM JST 0:37
23-09-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:48PM JST 04:30PM JST 0:42
22-09-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:42PM JST 04:18PM JST 0:36
21-09-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:41PM JST 04:21PM JST 0:39
20-09-2022 A321Int'l de Tokio ()Noto () 03:55PM JST 04:33PM JST 0:37
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