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BOEING 747-8 (V8-BKH) - Sultan of Brunei's aircraft departing Sydney after the ASEAN summit in March 2018
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BOEING 747-8 (V8-BKH)


Sultan of Brunei's aircraft departing Sydney after the ASEAN summit in March 2018


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Gavin Hughes
Great shot Mark, not just of getting the 74 but lucky enough to get the A330 in the background - one of those moments.
Mark TaylorPhoto Uploader
Thanks Gavin - actually the photo was taken from my balcony at home, so even more fortunate!
robin guess
I bow down to you for having a home with that view!!! I thought that I had the hot setup at my former home in AZ where the F-16's out of Luke turned base to final.
Gavin Hughes
I want that house!
Mark TaylorPhoto Uploader
Thanks Robin and Gavin - it is a little deceptive. I get some nice departure shots but need to really push my Zoom lens and need a clear day!
A.Levent Bekdik
Nice shot and thanks for sharing. You have a kind of dream house Mark.
frank theriault
Beautiful photo! She'll always be the Queen of the Skies!
ken kemper
Super Photo Mark.............

Bet Qantas's John Travolta has flown by your home lots (sorry to see his wife passed away a few days ago).
where does the sultan sit in the plane ?
Rich Harrington
What a great photo of a particularly noteworthy plane. Thanks for sharing!

> where does the sultan sit in the plane ?

Wherever he wants!
mark lovelien
Very cool photo! Too bad these awesome planes are fading away.
Mark Henley
Where does the Sultan sit? Well, since he is a pilot, there's a good chance he's sitting in the left cockpit seat. BTW, since he's a pilot, the cockpit is declared a royal area, so all the metal surfaces have to be gold plated -- throttles flaps, gaspers, etc.
fantastic shot!
Absolutely a perfect capture!!


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