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Mitsubishi MU-2 (N54PE)


22 arrival.


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I worked in Avionics and Electrical Engineering at Mitsubishi Aircraft International July 79 through the company's closure in March 1986. The MU-2 (both long and short models) were a fun project to work on. And the Japanese professionals brought over from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nagoya, Japan were wonderful wot work with - extremely interested in their "American experience".
If they were still here, I might probably still be with them.
David Halligan
Cool photo! I've read that these planes have safety issues.(??)
Stefan Sobol
Most of issues were related to pilots not understanding the flight controls and how to handle EO situations properly. There were no changes made to the aircraft, but pilots had to have special training. It's got to do with the MU using spoilers for roll control, not ailerons.
Michael Wulfsohn
Really nice pic! I really like the feeling of movement, with the props spinning visibly, and the background just a blur from the planes's takeoff speed.
Harry Lucas
I lost a business partner, his two brothers our company attorney and our pilot ina crash over Atlanta Texas September 1981 Returning from Dallas Love to Thomson Ga. NTSB said icing at fl 260 but later learned autopilot malfunctioned and allowed trim to set at full nose down. A very nice plane but a lot tougher to fly vs a king air. RIP my Friends
pregnant much...
John Moore
I worked on a lot MU2s in Australia where their also known as the Rice Rocket.
We also had at least 2 prangs with everyone on board killed.
Eventually icing on the belly was found to be the cause.
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
16-02-2020 MU2Brownsville Intl ()Kissimmee Gateway () 11:56AM CST 03:47PM EST 2:50
16-02-2020 MU2Int'l del Norte ()Brownsville Intl () 10:32AM CST 11:13AM CST 0:41
15-02-2020 MU2Brownsville Intl ()Int'l del Norte () 10:57AM CST 11:41AM CST 0:43
14-02-2020 MU2Int'l del Norte ()Brownsville Intl () 05:31PM CST 06:12PM CST 0:41
12-02-2020 MU2Addison ()Int'l del Norte () 01:34PM CST 03:52PM CST 2:17
10-02-2020 MU2Int'l del Norte ()Addison () 10:12AM CST 12:01PM CST 1:49
05-02-2020 MU2Int'l del Norte ()Int'l De Torreón Francisco Sarabia () 09:12AM CST 10:12AM CST 0:59
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