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Boeing 737-800 (N881XA)



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Joshua Downes
Con Air One! #Trump2016
Oy; Mr. Downes must be a graduate of Trump University.
Ken Land
I think that's Clintons plane!
Steven Rowe
Corruption and Capitalism, Stronger Together.
richard strizver
Wow, the liar express!
Karl Scribner
Flight Aware getting political? 2 shots of same aircraft seems a bit excessive.
Vaughn Blue Jr
Looks like "poor" Hillary managed to weasel someone for a new style plane: Boeing 737-8. I really expected to see her plane as a broom stick.
Tom Sherer
Apparently a lot of supporters of Trumposity don't realize that his law firm had 2 lawyers in their meeting room all the time because The Donald has a real problem with truth and reality.
Enough with the politics.
Chris Hicks
The Plane's full of cash and bearer bonds. Payoffs or Payola?
This picture triggered a odd reaction, I threw up in my mouth. It's not the picture, which is a great composition, it's the subject matter's paint job. This is what a flying douche nozzle looks like. Like what Vaughn Blue said, it should be a broomstick.
You cannot post a picture like this and not expect some political responses, especially in this election.
I guess you would rather vote for a drug addled sociopath who is in the process of losing support from the majority of his own party.
Greg Byington
Politics aside, this is a very nice shot of a good looking airplane. And I'll just leave it at that, eh! ;-)
Roy Hunte
Good word, Greg, people need to understand that FA is not a politacal Facebook wall.
Great photo with fantastic lighting!
The arrow on the tail and the winglet on port side is pointing backwards. On starboard side ( the arrow is pointing forward. Quite confusing.
Roy Hunte
Must want the aircraft to spin, lol. Might be a paint shop mistake that they decided not to worry about.
Kevin Haiduk
Looks like the storms are coming in.


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