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Air Tractor AT-602


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andré belleau
It is not a Rockwell Commander 690 It is a Air Tractor AT 602
Ron HarperPhoto Uploader
I didn't put that there, Flight Aware did, I know it's a 602
Diana Rose
Grumman AgCat?
a mentor
YOU know, some of US know ... but unless we harp on the issue, FA doesn't know :sigh:
Francisco Lugo
Yes, is a Air Tractor AT 602
Ron HarperPhoto Uploader
Once again, I know this is a 602!
Robert Cowling
Funny story. We'd just moved to a university town, and lived some distance away, in the middle of a bunch of sod farms. So the spring, we hear a plane very loudly. Someone goes running outside, and sees the plane tree top flying over the road in front of the house. They are screaming that it's going to crash and running around looking for a phone, and then it arces to the left and heads for the fields that direction. We all start laughing. I watched that pilot spraying the field, which was a little nerve wracking. The field had a bunch of poles and probably a telephone line strung up across the center of it. So the pilot was actually flying UNDER the line, back and forth for nearly a half hour. Nuts...

They did it three or four times a year too. Yeah, and the teasing never let up. Three to four times a year. :-D 'OMG!!! That plane is going to crash!!!'

That pilot had nerves of steel...


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