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Boeing 787-9 (VH-ZND)



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Alan Macdonald
How NOT to paint a plane
Must have been a bear to paint it....guess no one would notice if you were off by a few dots...(unless they actually count them prior to delivery!)
Patrick Egan
I will assume that your comments about this paint job on this Boeing 787-9, was written in ignorance,
and without respect for the Aboriginal people of Australia.
Geoffrey Luck
Nothing to do with respect for aborigines, Patrick. It's just another Qantas attempt at virtue-signalling. And it makes a mess of a nice aeroplane.
rino antonioli
Very nice nice signification
Alan Hume
I agree Geoffrey. I'm Australian but I think this is gross. Yam Dreaming? A friend of mine refers to it as the Spud.
Robert Oldershaw
I disagree - a little color - aboriginal in nature aside - makes it stand out from the standard white
Linda Nitzschke
Patrick Egan....lighten up. We've had it up to here with this kind of crap. There was NOTHING wrong with the comment concerning the paint...just mentioning how difficult it must have been to do it. Sheesh!! Get a life.
Wow, some of you seem pretty upset about one plane’s paint job. It’s not like the entire fleet is painted like this. And Linda, only one person actually mentioned the difficulty of painting it.
Linda, YOU get a life... and a clue while you are at it!!
Michael Wulfsohn
Nice pic! I think its a beautiful work of art. I salute Quantas for spending the money to make an impression, and simultaneously support commerce and the arts.
Jean-Marc Crespy
What is the company of the A330 parked before the Avianca? Nice design...
The A330 this side of the Avianca is operated by Fiji Airways...I think she is being leased.
NickFlightXPhoto Uploader
Wow, everyone bashing each other over their opinions of this livery, just stop. No need! Your just embarrassing yourself by bashing others. Respect others please!
Glenn Mottley
...for a little levity in the livery, check out 'Kulula Airlines flying 101'
Tim Brink
I love the paint scheme and color, especially with the pic snapped with matching strobe lit in the night. Ground effects anyone?
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
23-10-2019 B789Int'l de Melbourne ()Int'l de San Francisco () 10:37PM AEDT 06:15PM PDT En Vuelo
23-10-2019 B789Perth ()Int'l de Melbourne () 01:46PM AWST 07:50PM AEDT 3:03
22-10-2019 B789Londres-Heathrow ()Perth () 12:38PM BST 11:50AM AWST (+1) 16:12
21-10-2019 B789Perth ()Londres-Heathrow () 06:53PM AWST 04:53AM BST (+1) 17:00
21-10-2019 B789Int'l de Melbourne ()Perth () 04:27PM AEDT 04:48PM AWST 3:21
19-10-2019 B789Int'l de San Francisco ()Int'l de Melbourne () 08:23PM PDT 05:04AM AEDT (+2) 14:40
19-10-2019 B789Int'l de Melbourne ()Int'l de San Francisco () 10:09PM AEDT 05:48PM PDT 13:38
19-10-2019 B789Perth ()Int'l de Melbourne () 01:30PM AWST 07:37PM AEDT 3:07
18-10-2019 B789Londres-Heathrow ()Perth () 12:32PM BST 11:41AM AWST (+1) 16:08
17-10-2019 B789Perth ()Londres-Heathrow () 06:53PM AWST 04:44AM BST (+1) 16:50
17-10-2019 B789Int'l de Melbourne ()Perth () 04:23PM AEDT 05:00PM AWST 3:36
16-10-2019 B789Int'l de Los Ángeles ()Int'l de Melbourne () 12:17AM PDT 09:13AM AEDT (+1) 14:55
15-10-2019 B789Int'l John F. Kennedy ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 06:28PM EDT 08:29PM PDT 5:01
15-10-2019 B789Int'l de Los Ángeles ()Int'l John F. Kennedy () 08:53AM PDT 04:20PM EDT 4:26
15-10-2019 B789Brisbane ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 10:41AM AEST 05:48AM PDT 12:07
13-10-2019 B789Int'l de Los Ángeles ()Brisbane () 11:49PM PDT 06:06AM AEST (+2) 13:16
13-10-2019 B789Int'l John F. Kennedy ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 06:33PM EDT 09:03PM PDT 5:29
13-10-2019 B789Int'l de Los Ángeles ()Int'l John F. Kennedy () 08:40AM PDT 03:58PM EDT 4:18
13-10-2019 B789Brisbane ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 10:39AM AEST 05:45AM PDT 12:05
12-10-2019 B789Int'l de Los Ángeles ()Brisbane () 12:33AM PDT 06:30AM AEST (+1) 12:56
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