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Boeing 747-400 (D-ABVU)


Winter Ops


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Gary Schenauer
Just a couple days ago, I commented to another FA member that there are certain photographers who certainly know that their pics are ultra-outstanding so I never post comments to them to tell them something they already know. You are one of those photogs, John. When it comes to pics posted by you and several other contributors (I could list them but they know who they are), the FA "star" rating system is unbelievably inadequate. Pics from several US contributors like yourself and from some overseas contributors like Uwe are automatically worth the max number of stars and almost all of them are worth at least twice the max. So I just instantly give every new pic a "5" and then I kick back and enjoy the photo. But I do want to make a one-time observation here: there will never be another aircraft that can ever take the title of "Queen Of The Skies" away from the B747. And if anyone ever publishes a "Greatest Photos of The Queen Of The Skies" book (or CD or DVD), some of your 747 photos da-n sure deserve to be included in it. And I'd da-n sure buy a copy!! As always, stunning shots, John.
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
***** Thank you very very much Gary. I'm flattered and thoroughly enjoy your work as well. Keep up the great work ! *****
I have to completely agree with Gary 110%...many publish photos here, but folks should look at the photo's you, Uwe and a number of others post, and see why they are actually worthy of 10 captured the essence of the complete bird prowling along the ground...Please keep them coming John.
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you very very much rapidwolve. It's always nice to hear kind and supportive words !!
Roy Hunte
Awesome shot!
Greg Byington
That is a really nice shot, John! And ditto what Gary said!
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Roy !
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Greg !
renato basso
The queen in the snow
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you renato. Snow Queen !
ian mcdonell
i could not agree more with Gary. This is brilliant. The monochrome effect is stunning and I would give more than 5 stars for this one mate
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Ian !
Wow, John. You've definitely come through again :) 5*s !!!!
Geoffrey PEARSON
Am I imagining it or are the tell-tales painted on the compressor hubs all lined up at the 12 o'clock position on all 4 engines? Clearly the engines are running because the jet wash is clearing the pavement behind the aeroplane.
How did he do that?
The Boeing 747 is my favourite to fly, just check out how happy I am in the thumbnail!
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Mr. Hagen !
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Mr. Pearson. WOW ! You made me look again at my own picture to see what you saw. Thank you for noticing. I didn't !
han nuri lee
very nice picture!!
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Han !
Cade Emtage
This is a fantabulous shot! You are one of the many wonders of the world! 5*
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you so much Cade !
Daniel Stein
This is like the opening scene from the Coen brothers' "Fargo" with the Cutlass Ciera in the swirling snow. It's cinematic!
sara orsi
John - Do you have an Instagram account that we can tag when we share your photos?
Just perfect!
lawrence bauer
What is a "B-744" ?
¿Deseas un historial completo para D-ABVU a partir de 1998? Compra ahora. Recíbelo dentro de una hora.
Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
23-02-2020 B744Int'l de Denver ()Fráncfort del Meno () 06:17PM MST 10:49AM CET (+1) 8:31
23-02-2020 B744Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l de Denver () 01:57PM CET 04:07PM MST 10:09
21-02-2020 B744Int'l Logan ()Fráncfort del Meno () 04:59PM EST 05:06AM CET (+1) 6:06
21-02-2020 B744Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l Logan () 11:44AM CET 01:29PM EST 7:44
20-02-2020 B744Int'l de Incheon ()Fráncfort del Meno () 03:30PM KST 06:32PM CET 11:01
19-02-2020 B744Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l de Incheon () 07:58PM CET 01:29PM KST (+1) 9:31
18-02-2020 B744Int'l de Vancouver ()Fráncfort del Meno () 02:12PM PST 08:27AM CET (+1) 9:14
18-02-2020 B744Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l de Vancouver () 11:04AM CET 11:25AM PST 9:20
18-02-2020 B744Int'l Chhatrapati Shivaji ()Fráncfort del Meno () 03:19AM IST 07:25AM CET 8:35
17-02-2020 B744Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l Chhatrapati Shivaji () 01:12PM CET 01:17AM IST (+1) 7:34
16-02-2020 B744Int'l Chhatrapati Shivaji ()Fráncfort del Meno () 03:23AM IST 07:32AM CET 8:38
15-02-2020 B744Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l Chhatrapati Shivaji () 12:59PM CET 01:25AM IST (+1) 7:55
15-02-2020 B744Int'l Chhatrapati Shivaji ()Fráncfort del Meno () 03:27AM IST 07:37AM CET 8:39
14-02-2020 B744Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l Chhatrapati Shivaji () 01:05PM CET 01:29AM IST (+1) 7:53
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