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Unknown/Generic Airship — - scanned from photograph<br />TC-13
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Unknown/Generic Airship —


scanned from photograph


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Sam... that's one of the first blimps I've seen as marked with "U.S. Army"... most, if not all, I've seen photos of in the past were "U.S. Navy"!

The current Houma-Terrebone Airport, KHUM, is on the site of the originally built in 1943 Naval Air Station Houma and was a station for Lighter-than-Air (LTA) airships.

Several of the concrete foundations for the blimp hangars were still somewhat intact the last time I was there. Naval Air Station Houma deactivated and closed in 1947.

The U.S.A.F. later established Houma Air Force Station on this site, which was active and operated from 1955 to 1970 as a radar tracking and ground control intercept station. It became part of the old SAGE system in 1961. The 657th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron was charged with the missions at this installation.

Today, Petroleum Helicopters (PHi), ERA Helicopters, and Bristow Helicopters (the former Air Logistics) have active fixed base operations at this airport for flights to offshore drilling rigs and production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
thanks for that history cliff, I appreciate it
Sam... you are welcome... and your blimp photo reminded me of what I had viewed in the past at the Houma-Terrebonne airport! There was a T-33 mounted on a pedestal as a "gate guard" at an entrance to this airport. Might still be there if not relocated.


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