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Douglas DC-3 (N130Q)



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Dave Sheehy
HAKLS-nice picture-looks like the first time on FA for this bird. 5*
Charles Peele
Sure looks like a "3" that I was very familiar with. Arthur Geoffrey flew it out of Teterborough late 40's through mid 50's.............
Darryl Sarno
Very nice catch and great perspective with the snow!
I just did some research on the past lives of this beautiful plane and it seems thaat it was fitted with Edo floats sometime during the war of 50s. You can see it on floats through this link https://www.google.com.ec/search?q=DOUGLAS+DC-3+N130Q&biw=1088&bih=491&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi8qdbEh4_LAhXB9h4KHYcTBBQQsAQIHQ&dpr=1.25#imgrc=YTDM9slyT7MqBM%3A
It seems that her engines were Wright 1820 as opposed to the more commong P&W 1830s.
serge LOTH
the legend of the legends.. Still flying or only resting???
Eric Scerbo
"Here's lookin at you kid". Ooops wrong plane!! Haha!! I love nostalgia!!
William Goebel
Yes, this was the DC-3 with EDOs on it. I saw this aircraft in Stuart, Florida (KSUA) in the late 90's with floats installed. On its way to/from Sun-n-Fun.

The aircraft had to be certified experimental to fly the floats as they were never CAA/FAA approved. The floats were first installed on this aircraft in the mid/late 90's if I recall. Interesting to see it still placarded as experimental even though the floats have long since been removed.

Aircraft is currently at Greenville Municipal Airport - 3B1. Hope it flies again.
Hey, Charles P. Do you mean Arthur Godfrey? He was always bragging about his Ryan Navion. Didn't know he had a Gooney Bird as well.
Richard Ashley
I see they finally took it off the floats. This plane operated on amphibious floats for years
Pat Cook
One of my memorable flights was in 1967 on a DC-3 of Cordova Airlines, (later acquired by Alaska Airlines). I flew the Anchorage and Soldotna route twice a week on their "bread run." When I say "bread run" that is not just a figure of speech, it was literal. Their first flight each day out of Anchorage was a "combi" of sorts. On one of those flights the cargo net broke loose and cases of bread fell all over the place. I and several other passengers got out of our seats and dutifully restowed the freight, secured the cargo net and took our seats in time for the landing in Soldotna.
Max Folsom allowed me to fly this plane when it was on Edo Amphibious Floats on Moosehead Lake in Maine. Not many get to do this!! Its still there.
Kelly Bauldrige
Experimental? Look fwd of the door. Is it experimental because they removed the floats?
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