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UNK — - B-58 landing approach from the approach lights just south of Carswell AFB in June 1968.
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B-58 landing approach from the approach lights just south of Carswell AFB in June 1968.


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Jim Quinn
I've always wanted to see one of these things! Flying or on the ground....
There is an example of the B-58 at Pima Air Museum in Tuscon. I was surprised at how small it appeared when actually seeing it sitting right in front of you. Nonetheless a very impressive aircraft w 4 jet engines on a relatively small airframe in my observation.

Greg Byington
Here is a shot of the B-58 at Pima Air that I posted a while back. It does look too small to be a bomber, but it is a cool looking plane.
William Baldwin
One still exists static at Grissom AFB Airpark near Kokomo, IN
Steven Behounek
Are the rest stll chopped up and laying at Davis Monthan? They were there in the 70's when I was stationed there.
Greg Byington
There aren't any that you can see from the road. (I just drove by there two days ago.) The last ones I saw that were actually chopped up were a number of B-52s. But that was quite a few years ago.
I wish there was still one airworthy. One of the best ever. Scare the hell out of ISIS lol
Agent MIB
My father had the privilege of flying aboard the B-58 as a NAV/Bombardier. It had some of the most advanced avionics for aircraft of its day. It was built for pure speed and endurance, being able to outrun our best interceptors during training exercises. Even its electronics countermeasures gave it a defensive edge.
John Van dyke
Beautiful. Looks like the father of the B-1 from other angles.
Paul McKay
The Hustler was an awesome aircraft. Saw MITO (Minimum Interval Take Off) at Little Rock AFB 1968. Still holds Tokyo to London speed record. This was with a normal setup; no weight reduction, or other speed enhancing measures. John Denver's father, LTC Deutschendorf held many speed records. Of 116 built only 8 are on display. The NAV on my first crew had his first assignment in B-58. Was a very finicky aircraft to fly.
Lucien Gillham Sr
There is one on display at Little Rock AFB at Jacksonville Arkansas. LRAFB was one of the three air bases where the B-58 was based. I think the third base was in Indiana.
Kevin Haiduk
So cool!
Hard to believe that the empty weight of the Hustler was just around 58,000 pounds. Four engines and three crew members in tandem.
My dad worked for Convair during the 1950's and early 1960's at Carswell Air Force Base during the B-58 design and development. Either Lyndon Johnson or John Kennedy went to the plant for a political event for the 1960 presidential election. The plant was opened to employees and we got to see a number of B-58's on a assembly line. I remember being told that the pilot was the only crew member with a forward view out of the cockpit and that the a/c only carried a gatlin gun in the tail because bullet would never leave the barrel from a forward looking gun Great a/c.
Nice shot Gary! The SAC museum in Ashland Nebraska (5 min off I-80) has a B-58A on display.
robin guess
The best example of a B-58 is at the USAF museum in Dayton, OH


IIRC this air frame is airworthy but will never be flown again.
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