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Beechcraft Staggerwing (PR-STG)
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Beechcraft Staggerwing (PR-STG)



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Alan Brown
Great photo!!
Malcolm Soare
That is my old Staggerwing. I rebuilt the aircraft in the 1970's, and sold it. I had heard that it had ended up in South America. It still looks good. It was NC19466 in the US.
James Driskell
Mow, that's an airplane!
Jim McGlynn
What a great photo of a beautiful plane, Malcolm Soare you did a grand job.
wow !
Ken Hardy
A great Airplane, I saw a restored one at Sun & Fun several years ago, would love to be able to fly one.
frank theriault
sal derosa
That’s a beauty in the sky! I’ll bet she’s a powerful flyer with that radial out front!!
Beautiful! I could have bought a used one back in the early sixties in Norfolk, Va for $3,000. Or, a J-3 Piper Cub for $300 in the fifties.
Dennis Bishop
One of the most beautiful general aviation aircraft ever built.
The 'Learjet' of it's time!
Bob Wolff
That is a remarkably rare and elegant aircraft. Very nice!
William Owens
john cook
Didn't they Race Staggerwings in Reno back in the day?
serge LOTH
In the 30's it was known as "the Rolls Royce on the air.." with a a wooden panel.. Fantastic..
I speak under MAlcolm Soare control??
Jim DeTour
One of these was at Evergreen airport in Wasshington state before residential crowded part of the airfield out. Beautiful airplanes.
Hugh Schneider
Magnificent airframe Kudos !
Andrew Botwick
Allan Forsythe
We had one of these based at LAL in the 60's - 70's. The owner used it for aerial photography. Did catch a ride once and I still have a wooden prop that was to have come off that aircraft. Beautiful, Malcome Soare................
Mike Whetstone
Not sure about racing, but was told they had a horizontal prop brake installed and could belly land with little damage if done carefully.
Chris Bryant
Is it my old eyes, or does it look like the prop is pointed down slightly?
I'm assuming that's an engineering advantage of some sort.
a mentor
@Chris -- I think your referring to the thrust line. The negative thrust pulls the nose down to avoid using the elevator to level the pitch line to the horizon. It's the same effect used on RC models -- aerodynamics are the same.
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