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De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Mk1 Beaver (N188JG) - A DeHavilland DHC-2 MK.1 Beaver (Ser #1103) on final to Rwy 16R on 8.23.17. The aircraft owner is Jimmy Graham (#88) TE with the Seattle Seahawks.
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De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Mk1 Beaver (N188JG)


A DeHavilland DHC-2 MK.1 Beaver (Ser #1103) on final to Rwy 16R on 8.23.17. The aircraft owner is Jimmy Graham (#88) TE with the Seattle Seahawks.


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ian mcdonell
Terrific thanks
Richard Schmidt
Love the colours. Thank you for a GREAT photo
Colin Seftel
Is a privately owned aircraft allowed to carry US Army markings?
sam kuminecz
Colin. I'm assuming you have never been to an airshow. Yes you can carry us military markings on aircraft, even ex military aircraft privately owned. As long as the registration is visible.
Richard Ashley
I do not think the US Army ever flew DeHavilland Beavers on floats
Steven Coker
Anyone know the purpose of what's protruding downward (and looks like upward) from the edge of the horizontal stabilizer? A little extra stability on water? Same with the "fin" under the rear fuselage?
Don Lynch
Good job...
That's Seattle Seahawk tight end Jimmy Graham's 1957 DHC-2 Beaver. Kenmore restored. 2017 SUN'N FUN Grand Champion Seaplane winner (http://www.flysnf.org/sun-n-fun-intl-fly-expo/activities/aircraft-judging/2017-judging-awards/).
Nice shot! Go Hawks!
James Irwin
My home squadron, 400 Sqn RCAF, Canada's oldest continuously flying Sqn., flew these great machines during the 60's and 70's. We were an Air Reserve Sqn then. Our aircraft were fitted variously with wheels, amphibious floats, and skis depending on the mission and time of year. A real workhorse. Great photo.
Leon Artac
Probably to compensate for the floats while flying.
michael hollier
I have seen many beavers in my time growing up & living in BC, this is the sweetest one yet. Yhanks
Paul Chevalier
Nice Canadian made aircraft!!
Leon Kay
Great photo with some informative comment!
gary messinetti
A great and iconic aircraft!
Baishan Kuarlall
Great plane
Great condition
Love to fly it one of these days
Alfred Rogers
When I was stationed in Fairbanks Alaska we had Beavers and Otters on floats and Skis.
The vertical stabilisers can be found on many float planes. They are installed on some float planes to offset the increased surface area of the floats in front of the center of gravity of the aircraft.

In other words, they reduce the instability caused by the floats on the aircraft.
Anton Nel
Great photo!
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