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NTSB: Air Canada close-call at SFO was even worse than first reported
Federal investigators on Monday revealed startling new information about the July 7 close-call at SFO, saying that the Air Canada pilot that mistook a crowded taxiway for his a (Más)
AirBaltic's Sixth CS300 Sets A New World Record
Today, on July 21, 2017, the Latvian airline airBaltic has set a new world record as its newest CS300 turnaround for the first commercial flight took only 50 minutes after deli (Más)
Pilot speaks out after Highway emergency plane landing
Authorities say the C206 took off from Brookhaven Airport in Shirley and was heading to Eagles Nest Airport in West Creek, New Jersey, when it suffered some sort of mechanical (Más)
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UPS Airlines' First Boeing 747-8 Freighter aircraft has been fully painted and now awaiting flight (Más)
World War II pilot's remains found in tree, return for burial 72 years later
The 21-year-old Gray was on a dive-bombing mission on April 16, 1945, when his single-seat P-47D aircraft clipped a tree and crashed in Lindau. (Más)
Norwegian Performs First Transatlantic Boeing 737 MAX Flight
Low-cost carrier (LCC) Norwegian has performed its first commercial transatlantic flights using the Boeing 737 MAX, with two aircraft now in revenue service. (Más)