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VIDEO: KC-135 Tanking a BMW 5 Series...Kinda

Who wouldn't like to have a Boeing KC-135 tanking coffee to them directly in their BMW?! I say sign me up!! ( Más...

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Daniel Baker 0
Great video and I like how the youtube comments are arguing about the 135's fill rate.
I saw that too, lol. I'm like, come on, it's a freaking commercial. Who cares, it's still an awesome thought!! :)
lolol best car commercial this year
mark tufts 0
would like 2 see what the nay sayers have to say about andi would like to know how long it took to film that
Joel Rodriguez 0
This commercial just made my day.. Thanks Zach.
Kira Andreola 0
That's gotta be the best car commercial EVER.
onjuku20 0
Reminds me of "Good neighbor Sam".
Robert Fleming 0
Awesome with an "I WISH THAT WAS REAL"factor
Steven Meyer 0
This is a great commercial. I wonder, though, if this is regular or decaf
coffee :)
Robert Fleming 0
Triple match the speed of the plane! LMAO
Ronald Padgett 0
I didn't see this until last night. This is one that could've gone to the SuperBowl.
ROCK ON! Sublime.
Robert Dale 0
This is Awesome, as a retired 135 boomer, and with all the aircraft I refueled, I would have loved to serve coffee to the BMW fleet, BUT flow rate here is SORELY diminished!!!
Robert Fleming 0
You're right Ronald Too bad Mercedez didn't put it out til now


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