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Dutch Back Down in JetBlue Flap That Risked KLM Ouster at JFK

The Netherlands abandoned a plan to reduce capacity at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, bowing to pressure from the US, which threatened to retaliate over JetBlue Airways Corp.’s expulsion, and the European Union. The Dutch government will no longer implement an experimental regulation which would have reduced the number of flights at Schiphol by 8% for the 2024 summer season, Infrastructure Minister Mark Harbers said in a letter sent to parliament on Tuesday. ( More...

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James Driskell 4
Tit for Tat!
victorbravo77 3
Maybe a slot in LaGuardia (KLGA) is open.
SkyAware123 -7
The lunatic enviro nazi's out to destroy the netherlands even more than they already have.
No housing, businesses moving away, prices skyrocketing, more and more people in poverty. Yup, socialism is working out perfectly. Perfectly for the US which is where all these businesses are moving. A small country with a narrow mind that somehow still thinks they rule the world. Newsflash, that's been over since the end of the 1600's. They get what they deserve.
John D 4
Michael Osmers 0
I don’t know what Netherlands you see buddy, not the one I do that has for example a medical system that has affordable access for all its citizens and visitors and one of the lowest crime rates in the world which is by the way 10% of the US rate so get your facts straight before you go flapping your pie hole and advertising how ignorant you are.
SkyAware123 -3
You mean the narco state where gangsters assassinate people during clear daylight. Where bombings are now almost a daily event ? Where politicians get murdered ? yeah.. that one... Wake up and smell the coffee
Michael Osmers 1
You’re the one on drugs pal and completely off the thread of this forum.
SkyAware123 -2
and lets not forget, a record amount of people living at or below poverty rate due to failed policies everywhere. yeah that one. You brought it up, idiot.

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Thomas Tilson 5
Craze? It a REALLY OLD craze, as in thousands of year old craze, (See Egyptian tourism 2000 years ago). Oh and let not forget all those THOUSANDS of communities you're now spending your money at. MANY will, dry up and die small towns in my State of Alaska, for instance. These economies are hyper dependent on those tourism dollars. Travel and Tourism are close too 8% of the Global GDP in 2022. I love pollyanna viewpoints but this is one that is not very well thought out. HOW ABOUT THIS!! Let's build a new airport away from Schiphol. Its was crap overcrowded airport 40 years ago when I flew into it. It's no better today. if your in the EU then you follow the rules. Or do what the UK did and see how that work out. Can't have it both ways. The Dutch DEPEND on those tourism dollars. So go figure it out.
D Kaufman 1
If it weren’t for tourism the famous Red Light District in Amsterdam all their workers would surely go bust. I vote we keep the blues on each end continue flying in both directions.
chiefaviator 3
Also stop ordering online.

Don't buy any product not locally produced.

[This poster has been suspended.]

James Simms 2
Would if I could get the same prices @ WM. I try to shop local but Mom & Pop stores have to charge more because they can’t get the same price break as the big boxes who can get a discount by buying in large volumes.

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John D 12
What does this have to do with the EU? From what I have observed, the Netherlands are attempting to reduce traffic at an already too busy airport.
SkyAware123 0
too busy ? says who ? Oh, the people that moved there when the airport was already there and now want quiet time ? idiots.
John D 1
Says troll that’s never left his backwards home town.
avionik99 -8
Did you even read the article??? QUOTE:

"The EU body said it “expressly reserves the right to start infringement proceedings against the Netherlands,” and urged the Dutch to ensure compliance with EU law."

It was the EU that was forcing the reduction of flights!! Not the Netherlands themselves!!
John D 7
Oh, I read it. I won’t think you are reading correctly. The EU is calling out the Dutch government for not following the treaty.

Long before this article was published, the Dutch government has been trying to reduce capacity at Schipho as its overcapacity and the pollution it creates is at issue for the people who live near the airport.
Chris B 6
Your not making any sense.
JetBlue is an American company not British. JB and others were pushing the US government to ban KLM from US shores.
Reciprocated rights are a common feature and the Dutch were violating the agreements.

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chiefaviator 12
It was the EU AGAINST the reduction, not forcing it.

Re-read the article. And others. The EU said the way the reduction was being implemented violated EU treaties among other treaties.
Michael Osmers 3
Absolutely correct
jonchamps 7
You are the reason so much has gone wrong in the UK since Brexit. This blind right wing failure to understand what Brexit failed to deliver.

[This poster has been suspended.]

SkyAware123 2
ok boomer
SkyAware123 2
Reading comprehension is hard, I know.

[This poster has been suspended.]

NX211 2
Ironic, the 'gentleman" rails about British literacy yet does not know when to use your or you're.
SkyAware123 1
lol. not British. fool


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