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American Airlines in Advanced Talks with Airbus and Boeing for 100 Narrowbody Jets

FORT WORTH — American Airlines aiming to rejuvenate its aging fleet, has reportedly entered negotiations with aviation heavyweights Airbus and Boeing about procuring a minimum of 100 narrowbody aircraft. ( More...

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Brian Chandler 6
It'll be airbus. AA loves their A319/20/21 fleet
Peter Fuller 4
Could be both Airbus and Boeing get orders, as AA pits them against each other to try to get best pricing. Buying both lets AA replace their oldest 737s and A319/20s without the expense of retraining pilots of each to a new type.
DAL521 1
Funny how people in the comments actually think the passenger seats are part of the aircraft type. Newsflash, the PAX seats are selected by the airline not the aircraft manufacturer, you can also sit in a 737 with terrible seats.
John Nichols 0
-19, -20, have different architecture. So yes, and no, the sisters are not identical twins, Eddie...
USairlines need to buy US airplanes
Brian Chandler 0
Okay, so then are you saying they should buy A320s? You know the ones produced in Mobile, Alabama?
Bob Fox -3
Let’s hope Boeing wins contract so we can keep the business together n the US instead of overseas
Brian Chandler 2
Airbus as an assembly line for the 320series in Mobile, Alabama. Doofus
srobak 1
And other than salaries - all the money generated from the aircraft built there goes out of the US.
Tom Murry -3
Airbus seat back are uncomfortable. I avoid Airbus when I can
Brian Chandler 5
Seats are not picked by the manufacturer but by the airline. You're avoiding a plane type instead of particular airlines out of ignorance.
John Nichols 0
Sitting aft I couldn't sit upright, the bulkhead cantilevered into my skull. Company
Jack Webster 1
Airbus is manufactured in Mobile AL
John Nichols -2
Seats are painful. The 319 is unacceptable...
André COSTA -4
why americans are so chauvinistic


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