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What the Cluck? TSA Finds Gun Hidden in Raw Chicken

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) confiscated a firearm found stuffed inside a raw baking hen on Monday. TSA officials say the weapon was discovered when a female passenger bound for Toussaint Louverture International Airport (PAP) in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti (PAP) attempted to pass through the security checkpoint at FLL. TSA officers spotted the firearm on the x-ray machine and detained the passenger and her poultry. ( More...

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George Lane 14
Gotta admit, the headline made me chuckle.
Michael Stansfield 9
A gun stuffed into a raw chicken in a carry-on bag?
First, that is a first!
Second, eeeewwww!
Ryder Lee 14
Someone didn't realize that the TSA has x-rays.
Martie Williams 7
I cackled when I saw this!
Mark Kortum 1
You and Kamala both.
Steven Williamson 5
Remember to bake your Glock until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees to be safe from any bacteria after traveling inside poultry.
Sorak 4
No no no!
How many times do I gotta say...
Cows with Guns! The Chicken's have choppers!
John Taylor 1
Cows with guns...
Owen Grzanich 6
Why a chicken of all things?
bentwing60 10
because it's cheaper than a filet.
paul trubits 4
Ever try to stuff a Glock into a filet?
bentwing60 1
Ever try to stuff one in a chicken?
Wayne Fox 3
Gotta hand it to the chicken, he went down fighting!
John moffitt 5
Egg-cellent catch
John Taylor 2
Forget the gun, I'm more curious about why someone would bring a raw chicken on an airplane. Since she was on her way to Haiti, maybe Voodoo? A sacrifice to Jobu. By the way, Cerrano was played by the Allstate commercials.
Mark Kortum 3
Big mistake on her part! She should have hidden it in a live chicken. XRays are not good for chickens so TSA might have let it pass.
James Smith 4
An emotional support chicken on a leash?
Owen Grzanich 1
For real
Maria Shrake 1
Your good Mark!
George Lane 3
Gotta admin, the headline made me chuckle.
John Barnes 1
Voodoo cock-a-doodle-doo?
Tom Hayes 1
I have to ask, why is the fine for transporting a weapon $13,910? Where did that amount come from?
Pat Cook 3
Inflation 7%
Juan Jimenez 1
"Well, I lived a good life in the coop, I knew this was going to happen, so now I'm finally at peace and ready to go the great pasture in the sk... Hey. HEY. What the heck is this? Some Flori-duh dork is putting WHAT up my tail??!!! Oh lord, it never ends, it never ends!" (With posthumous apologies to Sam Kinison).
Doug Parker 1
“But I wore the juice.”

...and poultry renders metal invisible.
lynx318 1
Please ban this story for the horrible chicken puns.... PLEASE!! ;)
Mike Williams 1
Back in the 1980s, I had left a.22 cal. Marlin semiautomatic rifle in MI after I moved to AZ. My parents told me to take it away or they would get rid of it. I contacted the airline to take it home I took it apart and put it into the cardboard box with clothes and was sent in baggage. No TSA and could not get to it. Dumb female passenger.


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