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Russia Swearing Off Boeing, Airbus Products

The head of Russia’s biggest aerospace company says his country’s airlines will likely never fly Airbus or Boeing designs after the airliners it appropriated from lease companies and those owned by Russian companies are no longer flyable. “Boeing and Airbus aircraft, which are unlikely ever to be delivered to Russia again, will be replaced by Russian-made passenger aircraft,” Sergey Chemezov, general director of state-owned Rostec, said last week. He spoke after state-owned Aeroflot ordered 339… ( More...

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jeff creek 7
Yes Russia, see how that works out for you.
ffrcobra1 6
Boeing and Airbus won’t sell them anything. This is like being fired and then claiming “you can’t fire me, I quit”.
patrick baker 5
these spokesmen who assert bravely russia will swear off boeing and airbus planes do not have lifetime job security to say such nonsense.
Roy Hunte 4
Have fun...
sharon bias 3
Aeroflot had a horrible safety record when they flew planes built in Russia. Only when they modernized their fleet with Boeing and Airbus planes did their safety record become acceptable. It's innocent passengers which will suffer.
Michael Dendo 3
That ought to be a great experience for the customer. Good luck with that strategy. But there is always the C919. Order now for 2090 delivery.


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