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Airbus A330-200 delivers supplies to Jackson, Mississippi water crisis

As Mississippi's capital city, Jackson, faces an unprecedented water shortage crisis, National Airlines donated and airlifted hundreds of cases of drinking water to the city. ( Más...

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Beats all he other airlines! Well done!
Sean Awning 7
Thank you, National Airlines!
royalbfh 7
One really needs to wonder why the state capital can not produce water for the residents. A brilliant solution to a problem that should have never existed...
James Simms 2
From what I gathered, there were issues before this crisis hit & other reasons
srobak 1
This is what happens when career politicians ruin cities into the ground with bad policies and not allocating property funding to infrastructure
Brian Freeman 3
This story reads like this was an event in some third world country. Airlifting water to a major city in the United States??? However I can attest, as a former long time resident of Jackson, it IS a third world country and getting worse every day.
srobak 2
A glimpse into the near future of much more of America
Mark Kortum 3
Very thoughtful of that airplane.
James Simms 5
They were bringing back the Jackson State University band from the Jackson State-Florida A&M game in the Orange Blossom Classic.
What a humiliation. Has Mississippi no sham? Maybe if they'd tax businesses what they should instead of using low taxes and slave wages to lure jobs from other states, they wouldn't have this disaster. But I bet the governor and state legislators have plenty of clean water.
strickerje 1
Yet it's routinely only the city of Jackson with water issues, not the rest of the state. And as for your non sequitur regarding taxes and wages, is Mississippi not subject to the same minimum wage as the rest of the nation? Everything has to be partisan for some people...
There is a government warehouse somewhere with a billion water bottles.
Kris Godlewsky 1
Thanks to everyone helping out the folks in Jackson!
Mississippi ranks near or at the top for child poverty and its capital has no drinking water. But NOW they want "Big Government" (Feds) to come to their rescue? This is like people who want to take out fire insurance the day their house goes up in smoke. I despair of some people's mentality.


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