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The FAA and their inability to action on Trevor Jacob and Red Bull

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has been under a lot of scrutiny lately due to its lack of action on two very public stunts... ( More...

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Graeme Smith 31
".....Inability to Action....."

Let's see - Emergency Revocation of Certificates - that sounds like action to me. Even the story acknowledges this. Don't waste time reading this piece.
Jeff Steiner 13
I think you should have yelled that last sentence so that I would have seen it BEFORE I clicked through and read it!

Cary Alburn 13
Such a poorly written article! We’re all accustomed to seeing short posts in social media which lack basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation. But an article in any publication, online or in print, shouldn’t be replete with such a plethora of mistakes. It’s hard to get past the errors to read the message.
mikeenderle 21
FAA gives the pilots the most serious action possible by immediately preventing them from legally flying and that's an "inability to action"? What was the author looking for? Death by guillotine?
Jackson Franco 23
Interesting article but the writer fails grammar and spelling. Anyways is not a word. Precedes is used incorrectly. Very disappointed in the editing.
Roy Hunte 8
That's normal for Aviation Weekly, they don't seem to proofread their publications.
Jeff Steiner 6
It's very painful to read all those run-on and fragmented sentences!
jmilleratp 2
Most people need Grammarly just to put a decent sentence together these days. So not surprising how mangled some of these articles can be.
blueashflyer 8
I guess the writer wants someone to go all Tonya Harding on these people and kneecap them.
Roger Anderson 6
Why is this being upvoted so much when the basics like spelling and grammar are not up to par?
Roger Anderson 1
Looks like we pissed them off. The article was taken down.
Marty Cavato 4
Painful to read…
Steve Ortiz 4
This article was riddled with poor writing, bad grammar and bad (poor-?) writing styles. What is most aggravating is that it is nothing but click bait by raising all levels of drama to attract attention only to be disappointing in that it offersno resolution to all the indignancies raised by the author. In a word, it is typical of internet journalism - Offer controversy in the title and indignation without reason in the body of the story, All in the name of click-baiting to get us to ready the bloody article.
Leander Williams 4
I think the FAA should have the ability to, if they do not have authority to do it themselves, have the legal right to recommend prosecution in any matter deemed to have jeopardized public safety or any criminal act. I think the NTSB should be able to prosecute aviators who fly while under the influence
Pete Pereira 1
Were any criminal codes broken? The last thing we need is government agencies given power to arbitrarily decide when something is egregious enough to prosecute.
siriusloon 1
Who knows why people write long run-on sentences, odd punctuation, why sentence fragments they are so hard to read, make sense out of, which are difficult to understand I'm not sure?


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