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Jet Fuel Prices Higher Than Ever, And They’re Only Expected To Go Up

A stunning rise in the price of jet fuel due to the Russia-Ukraine war has sent airfares soaring, and industry experts say it’s only going to get worse. Jet fuel prices have continued to spike because of the crude oil supply disruptions as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, the national average price for a gallon of Jet-A was $4.35 a year ago, that is now up to $6.09 per gallon, almost a 30 percent rise. Supply is broadly constrained... ( More...

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Scott Ziegler 14
If it's due to the Russia-Ukraine war, why did prices start escalating long before the conflict?
Joseph Kelley 10
More to do with Biden's policy's than the Russian invasion.
jbermo 3
Wow Jet A weighs a little more than 6 lbs /gal = about $1 per lb of fuel.
Duane Mader 4
6.7 lbs/gal depending on temperature
sparkie624 16
The War isn't the only Reason... Thanks Biden!
pjshield 8
Nailed it brother! Any disagreement would be coming from the lib progressives.
Harry Venison -3
Thanks tRump.
bluiewest1 2
Prices started going up after Creepy Joe was installed in office.
jbermo 4
Never let a good crisis go to waste!
Time for Brandon to go@!
Harry Venison 0
God Bless Brandon !!!!
bluiewest1 1
From the mouth of a FOOL
paul trubits -4
I could agree with you, but then we would both be wrong.
avionik99 -2
I could disagree with you but then we'd both be right.
Harry Venison -1
lol, you're a f*ck'n moron. you do know that I hope.
bluiewest1 0
Harry, you don't have enough sense to cram up a gnat's azz
SkyAware123 0
shit for brains, dont comment on what you don't understand.
Truth be told, there have been plenty cooks in the kitchen preparing this meal, some with red hats, some with blue.
The cause for height prices is demand outstripping supply.
Our reliance on “just in time” logistics has blown up. Now everyone is ordering more than they need.
If you are buying groceries and see your favorite pasta sauce only has two bottles on the shelf do you take only the one you need or grab both???
Go home and tune-in to MSNBC or Fox to reinforce who to blame.
Last thing you will get from those “entertainers” is an understanding of cause and effect.
Any comment on this platform that contains “Trump” or “Biden” should be purged.
While it's true a president cannot directly control fuel prices, their policies sure as hell do.
SkyAware123 4
Fuel prices are certainly bidens fault by far. And the attempts by the left to blame it all on putin is beyond pathetic and NOBODY buys into it. NOBODY.
Dave P 7
Oil prices were driven back to triple digits as a result of a few things in conjunction:

-Reduction in oil companies’ investment in light of the pandemic plummet in oil prices. With a 12-24 month lead time from site setup, to oil to market, we’re seeing the product (or lack thereof) from that disinvestment now.

-The war. Horrific what is happening in Ukraine. This shows how autocracies have western countries by the you know what until we stop buying their energy.

-Oil companies not using all their approved permits. This ties in to the first point, but oil companies don’t want cheap oil. The profits are great now, but they had years of cheap oil in the $50/$60s, and are not in a rush to get back there.

Listen, if you want to argue Trump or Biden caused it, you’re missing the point. Oil is a global market, super sensitive to the whims of geopolitics (like a brutal war), and you’re pointing fingers the wrong way if your argument is just that it’s the guy in the oval office’s fault.
Of course they didn't use all the approved permits - you don't drill for oil where there is NO OIL, and/or it is not profitable at that particular time to extract it from the ground! Nice White House / Jen Psaki talking point ...
Ricky Scott 1
About the approved permits. What the Administration wont tell you is they have the permits but they dont have the access.. Why would an oil company want to not put a product on the market, if they could use those permits, why would they not go after more profit, it doesnt make sense. Its like Boeing saying we can get more titanium, but we wont so we can charge more per airplane.

Its not just the Oval Office, but the whole of the democratic party. Which with the war on oil, companies dont want to invest money in something they might have shut down after investing at the whim of some party.
Ricky Scott 3
Also, it has not helped we went from oil exporter to importer.
Dave P 2
Vast majority of domestic oil production occurs on state and private land. Federal is less than 15%.

You’re right about oil imports/exports but I’m not sure you understand the impact. Oil companies sell where there is more profit to be made. Unless you suggest that we tell oil companies they’re not allowed to export oil?

You asked/stated:
“Why would an oil company want to not put a product on the market…why would they not go after more profit, it doesnt make sense”

Oil companies aren’t investing to the levels it sounds like you’d prefer because of the risk of stranded assets and a surplus of investment’s effects on the price of oil. “The war on oil” isn’t nearly as politically driven as it appears you believe. Renewable energy is taking off domestically, oil companies aren’t going anywhere, but there were lessons learned with the ~$60 average oil from 2015-2020 (and cratering prices in 2020) that is guiding greater due diligence of investments.
Dave P 1
PS - Ricky, also if it wasn’t clear, I wasn’t trying to attack what you wrote! Just responding with my experience.
SkyAware123 0
15%, yes, but that could make a substantial difference. And it's not JUST the federal lands. Regulations also affect state and private land.
The oil import/export statement is to indicate that the US has dropped output substantially compared to before.
As far as your last statement, yes, that does make sense however when oil hits prices double of what it was not to long ago, any investment is made back very very quickly. That's not the issue here.
Duane Mader 2
Regulations also hurt or drive out small oil producers which hurts competition. Btw the money you’re using to pay for gas is worth a lot less than it was a couple years ago.
SkyAware123 -2
lies,lies, lies and deception. That's all the dems do. Psaki it the mouth's end of the corrupt to the bone dem party.
Randy Marco -1
Yup, Repugnant's LIE,LIE ,LIE and the retards believe it all!
M. R. 2
Unbelievable that they said due to the war
as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, NOT. no, the US was energy independent 1.5 years ago and using new technology we were the number 1 oil producing country in the world. but democrats depend on money from crashing our economy so they stopped everything that works and we are where we are because as Joe Biden quoted Stalin " its not the vote that counts, its who counts the vote".
Amen to that
avionik99 6
Biden's war on oil has a lot to do with the insane gas prices. Not a single wind mill or solar panel produces 1 ounce of avgas!
Harry Venison 0
Nope, you and your cult couldn't be MORE wrong. Educate yourself, and stop being un-American.
You have got to be a liberal saying price of gas is caused by the Ukraine war. All Biden needs to do is start pumping our own oil. Trump had us engery independent. You poor uneducated left wing punk.
George Hall 0
Way to go Anthony. Hold your ground. We are on the right for a reason. Because we are right. The liberals and majority of democrats do not think REALITY. They only know IDEALISM. What they think we should be. Don't think Trump is going away. He knows everything that is going on in Washington and Ukraine. He would have never closed oil lines and factories. The Ukraine invasion would have never happened. Putin respected Trump. China was scared of Trump. Putin thinks Biden is a wues and weak. Our air fares would have GONE DOWN. Biden's days are numbered anyways.
Randy Marco -1
George... just another clueless idiot!
Randy Marco 0
Antony... YOU are the uneducated dolt!
Thank you Joe….I mean Obama.
James Simms 1
Biden is responsible for the price of fuel. He is incompetent.
ممكن طائرات للبيع
George Hall 1
The fuel prices skyrocked on his first day in office when he shut down the keystone pipeline to appease the liberal environmentalist. No research by him to find out who it would affect. He didn't care. He still doesn't care about U.S. citizens. All part of his master plan for socialism. He loves POWER. So does Putin. It is also strange that Nancy Pelosi disagrees with some of the radical things he does. Nancy Pelosi, the radical leftist ? That's really bad. Almost all the democrats can't wait to get him out of office. He's in love with China. He's downright dangerous. When he pulled out of Afghanistan, he didn't give a flip for all the soldiers that were killed sacrificing their lives to protect our freedoms. What he says and what he does are complete opposite. Don't believe a word he says in his speeches. It's all fake.
Randy Marco -1
Keystone has NOTHING TO do with it! Get a f'ing education!
It absolutely does! That fuel oil would've been headed to Europe. Instead, Putin's pipeline, which biden decided to NOT stop is now supplying Europe's energy needs, funding the war in Ukraine. Even if not for Trump's strength, Putin may have rethought going into Ukraine from a financial standpoint alone. Also on dip@&%'s 2nd day in office he failed to renew or administer any drilling permits, crushing America's energy independence. I can clearly see who is in need of an education here ...
George Hall 0
Our current so- called "president" has also contributed to the rise in fuel prices as well as every other product using oil as a raw material. That includes plastic. It is the grand scheme they do to raise inflation and make it financially hard on the American citizen's to where they turn to the government for help. That is called socialism.
Ken Hardy 0
Joe Biden's and crew have always said, they know how to make public travel equitable, just bring lots of cash when buying tickets LOL
Rema Allen -6
Doesn't matter who is in office. We would have blamed anyone sitting in the Presidential chair for the fuel prices on the rise. The Russians would have invaded the Ukraine even with Trump in office. The USA has had very very little influence on Russia, if any at all. Biden's war on oil is a very small part of why fuel prices are climbing. Whomever is in office we will blame the President for all the bad and/or all the good. Cheers.
Torsten Hoff 15
While it is true that the price of jet fuel has risen sharply as a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the rise didn't start then. Prices late last year were nearly double what they were a year earlier.
Ricky Scott 11
The Rabid attack on Oil Started when Biden Took the Oath. They are crowing today about how he is allowing Federal Lands to once again be explored. 2 Things with that shows their dishonesty.

1. It was a federal judge that ordered the bans as illegal
2. The administration doubled the fees required.

As long as Biden and the left attack the oil market it will continue the rise. He many times said he wanted 8-10 dollars a gallon gas.
You are right
They would not have invaded If trump was in office. They feared him. But the bumbling incognito incoherent Biden they don’t respect him or his staff. Biden is not running the country someone in the left back ground is maybe it is Soros
SkyAware123 -1
Absolutely. The world would be in a much much better place right now if that geriatric clown wasn't 'elected'. There would be no war, there would be normal gas prices, there would be no record inflation. Thanks biden this is ALL ON YOU.
Chris B -5
Trump caused the increase in gas prices by allowing exports of IS oil.


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