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Airlines Canceling Service To/From And Within Russia

After the closure of Ukrainian and Moldovan airspace, some airlines have already started taking precautionary measures to avoid further fallout from the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Even though no Russian airspace closures have been announced, some airlines have started canceling flights to/from and within Russia to avoid finding themselves in potential hostile airspace if military action spreads beyond the Russian/Ukrainian border. ( Más...

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Randy Marco 17
Need to ban ALL Russian owned or operated aircraft from ALL NATO airspace.
Artie7998 3
And any airline, Russian or not, that continues to fly to Russia as well. And not just airlines, any commercial entity.
Do business with Tsar Putin, OR do business with the West, but not both.
Russia needs the rest of the world's money far, far more than we need theirs. (Having grown up in the days of the Soviet Union, I was kind of surprised to read a while back their economy is now smaller than Canada's)
James Simms 2
Heard on the late local news, Delta has cancelled their partnership w/Aeroflot
Juan Jimenez 7
Good. Ban ALL Russian aircraft, civil or otherwise, from all EU and NATO airspace.
mbrews 6
The map in this article really shows the story. Big oval-shaped empty airspace at Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and neighboring areas .
robin cooper 4
now all british planes are banned from Russian airspace as a response to Aeroflot being banned from the UK, they are all taking a more southern route on their way to Shanghai etc
The United States and it’s Allies need to ban all flights to/from Russia
TWA55 3
Stop selling acrft, parts etc. to Russia. Hold all acrft Russian owned outside of their borders until whenever.
David Wright 6
Ask Malaysian Airlines what they think about ever transiting Ukrainian airspace while Russians are manning the SA middle banks! So what’s one measly 777 full of innocent passengers l to the evil Ruskies?!?
David Wright 2
Make that “missle banks”….stupid iPhone
David Wright 4
I give up Apple….you win!!!!
this was to be expected..

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Artie7998 5
No, he was an American. He was born in Russia. Became an American citizen in 1928. Which would make him an American. Are you asking would this ban apply to an American citizen of Russian ancestry who passed away almost half a century ago? Then no, it would not. Why would it? What exactly would we be banning a long-deceased American from doing? How far do your ridiculous questions go?
kmm0000 1
Igor Sikorsky was born in Kiev, now the capital of Ukraine.


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