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Why European Airlines Are Flying Empty Planes

“The high-level pollution created by these flights runs totally counter to the EU’s climate objectives.” Europe’s sky is filling up with near-empty polluting planes that serve little other purpose than safeguarding airlines’ valuable time slots at some of the world’s most important airports. The highly contagious Omicron variant of COVID-19 has put many off flying, and because of it, getting people and goods from point A to point B has become an afterthought for thousands of flights. It has… ( Más...

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patrick baker 4
With the tsunami of covid omicron in effect, these ghost flights about keeping slots must be addressed by european aviation authorities. What a foolish waste of time, flight hours and jet fuel. Freeze the slots for a fair ammount of time- a year, or more, then revisit the ruling. I don't believe any slot poacher would use the purloined slot for a fully loaded flight instead. There are not those kinds of flights out there much.
Gregg Bender 4
It's been done in the U.S. too. What a waste of resources and money.
Franco Prizzi 1
It is positively idiot that slots policies can't be freezed in an EU-parlament ruled emergency.
Mike Mohle 1
Good thing Greta is on this, I am relieved "Blah Blah Blah". Stupid rules indeed!!!!!!!!!! And, a waste of precious fossil fuel we need.
Roy Hunte 2
Then the same people wonder why fuel prices are going up.🙄


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