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American Airlines Has New Regional Jets That Are Missing Rows Of Seats

American Airlines customers may find themselves on a regional jet with rows of seats missing. Here’s the front of the cabin of an American Eagle Embraer ERJ-175, registration N502SY, operated by SkyWest. This is a new aircraft, just delivered in August 2021, one of 10 10 Embraer E-175 regional jets they’re currently flying for American. ( More...

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boughbw 24
So, do they distribute the extra space evenly among all rows so that all passengers can enjoy the comfort of reduced seating? Of course not. There is just a big gap where the seats should have been and the remaining rows are as uncomfortable as ever.
Greg S 6
Leg room problem solved.
srobak 7
except it isn't
David Tsai 1
It is for one row of passengers.
Stefan Sobol 6
Spacing out the seats to use the extra room destroys to ability to charge an extra fee for seats with more leg room (e.g. Main Cabin Plus). That's not going to happen.
AWAAlum 2
I think I'm misunderstanding your thought...if they were to space out the seats, wouldn't that give them more seats for which they could charge the extra fee for more leg too?
Bruce Horwitz 1
But that assumes there is the demand for the extra legroom (with extra cost) seats. As I'm sure you know, airlines will "upgrade" you into an open premium seat if they can sell "your" regular seat to someone else. If they created more extra legroom seats it would not increase the demand...only the supply. Besides, these planes are not regularly scheduled, so AA can't pre-sell them at premium.
The union contract states that the regionals can not seat more than 76 passengers which the CRJ 900 holds only 76 because they installed 12 first class seats, as the CRJ 900 was built to seat 90 passengers. The CRJ 700 seats 66 passengers and this is what Skywest is substituting with the ERJ-175, so it would match the CRJ 700 seating when they are sometimes substituting with the ERJ-175
Joseph Sede 3
The magic word Union.
M20ExecDriver 22
Actually the seats are still sitting in a container ship off the coast of Long Beach.
Lewis Tripp 8
Playing silly games,
srobak 2
Cleffer 8
As someone who is 6'5" and comes across the occasional 175/145, I welcome our new legroom overlords.
srobak 5
you don't actually think they are increasing the space between the remaining seatrows, do you? I've been on a few of these - and no, they are not.
Terryjp 3
I’m curious about the weight and balance with the missing seats. I’m sure it has been figured out, but it seems just spacing the remaining seats would keep it balanced and give mega legroom to all.
You would think they would use the extra space to give every seat more leg room.
Angelfish S 3
Why not use the space to transport dogs? It’s immensely traumatic for pets in cargo! At least the noise level would be less in the cabin, and their owners’ occasional presence could calm them (somewhat) during flight.
mbrews 1
Sorry, you're barking up the wrong tree here ;)
Allergies among customers?
hipplewm 1
UA did the same this summer - they just removed the last few rows instead of the middle of the plane
Brian Freeman 0
Raise your hand if you think unions are the most ridiculous entities ever created.

'Brandon', you listening??
Brian Freeman wrote: "Raise your hand if you think unions are the most ridiculous entities ever created."

And up go the hands of the double-digit IQ crowd.

There's nothing "ridiculous" about unions fighting to better the wages, benefits, working conditions, and job security of pilots. Without limitations on seating capacity of regional jets, AA would likely shift more and more of the routes to up-sized regional jets flown by Skywest pilots who got paid a lot less.

If you want to see how the airlines behave when they are not up against unions, look at how passengers are treated. Seats are narrower and legroom is all but absent if you're too tall to play a Munchkin in a Wizard of Oz remake. Expensive carry-on luggage that you bought years ago has to be replaced because the bins aren't large enough for the number of passengers now crammed into cabins. Want to check a bag? Yeah, that's turned into a profit center that leaves many fliers with sticker shock. Looking forward to a hot, in-flight meal? Too bad; you're getting a couple of pretzels and too little soda poured over way too much ice.

Anyone who thinks that the U.S. airline oligopoly is going to treat employees fairly without the counterpoise of unions is living in a fantasy world.
Joseph Sede 3
Unions were necessary to solve problems. Then they become the problem.
Peg Schh 1
Very surprised it is not filled with cargo
AWAAlum 1
Who knows? Maybe it will be. The pic appears to be taken while a work crew is I the process of removing seats (the worker sitting on the floor).
sparkie624 -3
Probably union restrictions!
Randy Brown -1
The reduction in efficiencies caused by unions taken to an extreme.
If it wasn't for Unions pilots would be getting paid minimum wage to subsidize your $69 ticket to Phoenix.
And you would get pilots whose skills and experience were commensurate with the federal minimum wage.

Do be aware that you're trying to reason with someone who called COVID a "scamdemic," said that mask requirements were "just a con," and that climate change was a hoax.
Correction and Apology:

I erroneously attributed Brian Freeman's comments to Mr. Mattingly. I apologize to Mr. Mattingly. I regret that I cannot delete or edit my comment.
Correction to the correction: I meant Mr. Brown, not Mr. Mattingly. This is what happens with too many tabs open and trying to multi-task commenting and stock trading.
Coalora 0
In trying to out-smug someone, you only ended up out-smugging yourself. How ironic.
Brian Freeman -2
"...efficiencies caused by unions..." That's hilarious as there's been no such thing, ever - only absurdities and inefficiencies as evidenced here.
Your lack of reading comprehension is just stunning.
srobak 0
this is literally the dumbest thing I have read all week. doing work for the sake of doing work - and not accomplishing anything at all as a result.

i was wondering what the deal was with the last couple flights I took that had this. the FAs didn't want to discuss it, and of course my email to AAL went unanswered.
well ok,thats a "first"..there must be a real need for the aircraft to fly them with that "extra leg room"!!
srobak 1
they aren't spacing out the rows.
Glenn Blum 0


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