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East Hampton Eyes New Airport Restrictions

“It’ll still stay a publicly owned airport, but it won’t be open generally to the public, it will be a private airport usable only with permission from the town.” ( More...

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srobak 23
If you have complaints about living near an airport - which has been there longer than you have been alive - then don't live near an airport!
Wow…just WOW!! Looks like it’s time to pull any current of future FAA funding from KHTO if this comes to fruition. What is the AFD going to say - Airport use: Open to the public (Kind of…)
GraemeSmith 2
Well that's the point - the FAA grants ended - so that's why the town can change the game - led by some folks who think it is noisy around there.
Doug Haviland 15
Of Course nobody knew the airport was there before they move in Right? 🤔
Bill Butler 1
That's why realtors show property on Sundays.
Cleffer 5
"We like the convenience of having an airport, without the noise of those pesky airplanes!"
Mike Mohle 13
NIMBY anyone? Can Fed Funds be Clawed Back if they won't honor the airport commitments under them?
GraemeSmith 1
Funds expired Sept.
bentwing60 -2
Yes, but is virtually never persued, and certainly won't be in oblunders neighborhood!
btweston -2
Rex Brewer 8
What's next? Private use of public roads? The airport was there before these selfish people. Let those wanting to exclude the public move away and build a private airport.
srobak 2
don't be surprised
Bill Seward 7
I looked at the "Dan's Papers" web site, just out of curiosity about haw the other half lives. It seems they're also complaining about noise from the Long Island RR. Rich folks gonna rich, I suppose.
Cleffer 5
"It'll still stay a publicaly owned airport, but stay out unless we say."
All federal funding should be denied into perpetuity.
Matt LaMay 9
Rich people's problems.
Robert Preston 12
luckily, private rich people jets can use the airport (wink, wink, nod nod) since they are immune from covid 19 and any other virus as they travel the world. all virus actively avoid really really rich people and their private jets.
Matt LaMay 3
A rich person downvoted your post lol!
Mike Mohle 9
Actually, a rich persons assistant downvoted for them...... LOL
GraemeSmith 3
"The most recent study, released in September, found that closing the airport would force its more than 9,000 annual flights to be diverted to four surrounding East End facilities: Francis S. Gabreski Airport in Westhampton, airfields in Montauk and Mattituck, and a helipad in Southampton Village."

Which is kinda funny. It's not just some folks in the town who are complaining - its the communities along the route from NY to ETO that are unhappy about noise. Seems like limiting ETO might only put the traffic elsewhere and not fix that problem.
Tommy Rowe 3
KHTO can't discriminate on what portion of the "public" can or cannot use their facilities without facing a clawback of all federal funds that have been used on past projects.
Public is public - Period.
terencedhealy 3
To be fair, many of the people living around KHTO lived there before there was not so much private jet and helicopter traffic.I'm undoubtedly dating myself, but when I got my license, it was just another place with mostly single engine Cessnas and Pipers. The noisy folks can land at FOK, a former Air Force base with ILS, giant runways, and FBO set up for their rich selves.
I'm with you on that. I am old enough to recall when Mattituck was similar with single engine craft and an occasional multi engine bird. Hardly anyone took offense.
Got to keep the ultra rich very happy ✈️✈️


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