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Nevada (Reno - Tahoe) airport faces flight delays from jet fuel shortage

While more than just one factor, seems article implies lack of fuel delivery due to truck driver shortages. I truly wonder how that could be and that there is not more to the story not being told.... ( Más...

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Thomas Devlin 4
Truck driving used to be a good paying job. Guys would pay cash for their rigs. Not so much anymore.
The Dude 1
Usual trolls on the loose on this board--again.

Nothing in this news suggests that the scarcity of truck drivers is due to WFH. And even more, how's that the fault of "democrats"? How about the fault of the Trump administration in 2020?
Part of the problem is the Democrats are making it easy for people to stay home instead of working and driver shortages happen because of this!
Terry Jaramillo -6
I totally agree! This stupidity is stunting the growth of our economy in many sectors.
Edwin Sweeney -7
yes. Completely accurate. Not so sure we can pin it all on 'democrats' but definitely politicians and left leaning lovers.


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