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Emirates Says Wants 'Grown-Up' Talks On Boeing 777X

Emirates on Wednesday urged Boeing (BA.N) to provide more details on the performance capabilities and delivery dates of the in-production 777X jet, suggesting orders could be revised depending how the jet had performed in testing. ( More...

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People bitch and moan when airplanes certified too quickly, and they bitch and moan when it takes too long.

Could it be that people just like to bitch and moan?
Jeff Phipps 15
Well, it also be the case that manufacturers over promise and under deliver when selling.
Peter Fuller 5
This is not the first time and likely not the last time Emirates’ boss Tim Clark bitches and moans publicly about something. All contingencies around 777X performance guarantees and delivery times ought to be spelled out in the purchase contracts between Emirates and Boeing, so that would be the framework for ‘grown up’ talks.
wiregold 2
"Adult talks" have to be spelled out.
Boeing's history of greed coupled with lack of jail time for 346 deaths, means executives will keep their wealth no matter what. 'Failure to deliver' is relatively trivial.
Greg Zelna 0
If I am not mistaken, Boeing does not mandate Pilot training for its aircraft, nor maintenance procedures or lack thereof. As a for profit company (or else extinct) yes they cut costs and try to maximize profits. Dont you in your own personal dealings ? Is it somehow evil when a corporation does the same ? How many of the 777X crashes were from American based airlines ? Oh none ? Hmm, well thats interesting and begs further inquiry, doesnt it ?
william baker 2
“Grown-Up” Talks??? Boeing is being very open about the 777x and yes they are having delays are trying to get the plane to airlines as quickly and as safely as possible with little if any issues to come up while in service. I think Emirates is just trying to get their hands on the planes as quickly as possible which I would want to but lets make it a safe entry vs a rocky one Emirates.
Torsten Hoff 7
Ultimately it's about money. Boeing is late delivering, and there are probably financial penalties attached in the contract.

Now imagine that the 777X had been delivered on time. What would Emirates do with them? Traffic is still down significantly, a number of the planes would be sitting mothballed.
Greg Zelna 1
Flights that I am aware of are nearly filled to capacity (ugh) so things are definitely ramping up.
wiregold 2
Where were the "Grown-ups" for the MAX disasters?
Eating caviar with money saved by not printing new pilot manuals.
btweston 4
You’re probably not far off.
Greg Zelna 0
Why no 777X crashes in America- care to speculate ?
Because it hasn't entered service?
Greg Zelna 1
British Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates Air, All Nippon, Quatar, Singapore Air, etc.........

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Wait, did you just say the president signed "an order" that limits the amount of fuel available to an airline owned by an oil-rich middle eastern government?

Ric, not that I needed it, but thanks for reminding me why sleepy is so much better than stupid.


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