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United Airlines Furloughs over 13,000 workers (10/1)

On a day in which over 32,000 airline workers in the United States will lose their jobs, I want to take a moment to focus on the 13,000 employees who now face furloughs or separation from United Airlines. Why focus on United when American Airlines is laying off over 19,000? Well, because United is the airline I fly most often and because I know so many workers personally who will be laid off today. To call them “family” might be a stretch, but there’s a particular pain for these job losses. ( Más...

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this is an extremely large layoff,even for a large company..the same is true for and southwest have somehow decided to keep as many people as possible(at least for now) past years when passenger loads dropped, there would be layoffs and volutary separations and leaves of absence,but to my memory,NEVER these massive numbers of is very sad but covid 19 has severely affected all tourism,from hotels,to airlines to vacation spots..people are not willing to sacrifice themselves to a virus, when they are not sure how safe and clean airplanes and hotel rooms one wants to get sick..we can only hope in a year or two the virus will either be eradicated, or a worldwide vaccine that is effective will be produced..other wise,most people you talk to are not going to fly anywhere...


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