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Ukraine International Rolls Out 13 Hour Boeing 737 Flight To New York

Ukrainian International Airlines will be resuming service from its hub at Kyiv Boryspil International Airport to JFK Airport in New York City. The service will see spending 12 and a half hours in a Boeing 737-900. The flight will have a technical stop in Iceland. ( Más...

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There is nothing new about Tech stops. Before the big 4 jets how do you think flights were managed. As to the comfort that is standard depending what you pay. Even the modern long range twins have virtual tech stops when managing all considerations of each flight. It is not so much about wide or narrow but engine/fuel/wx/routing etc.
I made a similar flight once before; operative word being ONCE, and definitely never again!

A chartered 737 to take the ship's crew from Amsterdam Schipol to the Bahamas, via Reykjavik and Goose Bay, with no permission to step off the aircraft during refueling stops and minimal in-flight catering
Iain Robertson 1
I would like to delete my post. Thank you.
This is a tough proposition indeed using a B737.
מה שלומך אתה מדבר לעניין חמוד
matt jensen 1
Can you say leg cramps?
bentwing60 0
Can you say DVT?
patrick baker 0
ukranian law allows passengers to be sentenced to 13 hours of seated arrest on boeing prison aircraft if flying from Kiev to New York. Passsengers get to work on conversational ukranian for hours at a time to pass the time, given no inflight movies or music. The technical stop is to technically refuel the aircraft, which technically cannot fly without refueling. The genius who devised this routing is elgible for the next padded cell available in either new york or kiev.
Similar to BA001 London City to NY, stop over in Shannon for fuel.
That has the added fun of the London City Approach/take off as well.
Highflyer1950 -2
People want to get out of the Ukraine so bad they will strap themselves to the wings!
Iain Robertson 0
In 1966, Wardair Canada commenced trans-Atlantic service to Europe with a Boeing 727-100. Fuel stops were at Reykjavik and/or Prestwick. De-planning of passengers was not permitted at the fuel-stops. Cantering was first-class, served on china with silverware and linen napkins.
Highflyer1950 1
Last time I looked Reykjavik was a domestic airport and Keflavik was the international airport located some distance (32 mile) from the city of Reykjavik. Memory is not perfect but the B727-100 requires (FAR’s or CAR’s) a dry landing distance of about 4600’, which in turn requires a runway length available of 8,000’. Hard to do when BIRK is only 4958’ long. BIKF however is 10,000’ in length, at least it was the last time I landed there. B727-100 drivers can correct my math but I think if you can get the dry landing distance down to 2,900’ you just might be able to use a 4950’ runway, but would you want to? Air Canada ordered a few B727’s equipped with nose wheel braking which helped but I think they removed it?
Iain Robertson 1
You are correct.


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