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Qantas cancels all international flights other than those to New Zealand until the end of October

Qantas has cancelled all international flights until October apart from those between Australia and New Zealand, the airline has announced. Qantas said it planned to schedule some flights to New Zealand in upcoming months ahead of the expected opening of a trans-Tasman bubble. But Australia's largest airline said it was cancelling the rest of its overseas schedule as Trade Minister Simon Birmingham revealed on Wednesday the country's borders will remain closed for another four months. ( Más...

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Waiting for them to OPEN West Coast-OZ flights. Got a pile of FF miles to spend on a R/T Bus Class trip...before BANKRUPTCY might see my miles VANISH !!
ADXbear 1
Well.. thats part of a pkan to protect your people.. im ok withbit, wish USA was more agressive like this earlier in this virus..
Agree on protecting your people but Australia and New Zealand have a unique geographical advantage. Each is isolated from other major populations, so if you control the borders and limit who can enter the country you can limit the impact of the virus. Trans Tasman flights open things up a little with a trusted neighbor. We (the USA) have much longer land borders and a much larger population. Different challenges. I think Australia and New Zealand have done a fantastic job. Hope QF get back flying soon and as safely as they have in the past.
william baker 1
I agree protecting your country is fine and the best way to be. But you have to think about funds and these planes sitting till October. You have to have a backup plan to bring money in and I dont think Qantas is going to get enough to hold them over with just there Domestic routes??


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