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Boeing Will Restart 787 Manufacture In Charleston

Boeing has announced that it will resume 787 operations in North Charleston, South Carolina, starting from May 3rd. These activities were previously suspended on April 8th to avoid further spread of the virus to Boeing employees. ( More...

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stratofan 8
Great news to hear for the industry, and not just for Boeing. I suppose the naysayers will scream,"too soon"! We have to get back to working in this country to get things moving to support our families again. Just use a little prudence and cleanliness will go a long way!
WhiteKnight77 3
Go Boeing. While this is good news for some, the places that are starting to open will show us one of two things. Either we can open up some businesses, or it will backfire. Which will happen, no one knows.
chugheset 2
Just circling back to some of the alarmists shouting Boeing's decision would cause mass casualties (that's you Robert Cowling). The death rate in SC since the beginning of the pandemic is about 1.65% with a spike of new cases occurring of January of this year. I am not minimizing the danger of COVID or the importance of taking reasonable precautions, however I am suggesting we should balance those risks with a sensible approach for business. The "wreckage of human lives" as the commenter put it, is not as large as those in some states who have not been able to work due to quarantine requirements. Just felt like we need to keep things in perspective.
Good lord, I thought this was an airliner forum!
Larry White 0
ATTN ALL!! Why doesn't someone at flight aware 'poop-can' his posts so they don't show up here?
Larry White 0
I was referring to Carl Godwin's off topic posts.
Viv Pike 4
@Robert Cowling ... and here I thought this was an aviation site, for airplanes and stuff, and discussions about airplanes and stuff. I must have logged into the wrong place.
James Simms -1
True that. Unless Robert has the dirt on the folks @ FlightAware
Carl Godwin 2
I spent the day (12hrs) in a major hospital in a major city yesterday. Hospital is empty, ER is empty. Talk to any doc or nurse and you get the same story, "not much to see here." The floor my wife was on as she recovered from surgery (womens health and neonatal) has approximately 50 beds. Only 4 were being used. One by my wife and 3 others by new moms. One nurse said it was her 2nd day back after weeks off, closing her department (pediatrics) because there are no patients. The hospitals are not overwhelmed, there are not bodies piling up. Yes some will die from this just as some do from many other ailments. Stop watching the media. Do your own research, ask your own questions, decide for yourself.
Do they have skilled workers there meanwhile?
jon marks 1
If all employees are equipped with PPE, and if periodic virus testing can be instituted and if production routines can be squared with social distancing, then MAYBE production can restart safely. But if the airlines never recover their previous passenger volumes, who's going to need the planes anyway.
Robert Cowling -4
Too soon? This is like letting people into a building that has a 4-alarm fire buring in it!

Of course it's too soon. The wreckage of human lives will be huge.

We are dealing with a virus that refuses to cooperate. Heat isn't killing it, antibody tests are, so far, not showing much hope. All the 'great drugs' people can dream up are failing too. And yet, some people are just having the mildest of symptoms, and others, their body is just collapsing, some are developing wide spread blood clots, assorted organ failure, the list of symptoms is increasing, and some people are dead within a week. Does that sound like something we should be forcing people to endure? My wife is an ER doc, and she broke down a week ago. 'So much death, so many really sick people, and some are just dying, we can't save them, and others just survive, beating all odds. We can't tell who is going to survive this, and who isn't.'

They had a 27 year-old kid that came in with shortness of breath, and a headache. Within an hour, they had him on a 'heart-lung' machine, and he was still trying to die. They shipped him to the nearest University hospital and he didn't make it. People seem to think this is a joke. That by holding their breath and stomping their feet, this is going to go away, and they won;t be in danger of losing their lives. This is as serious as brain cancer. MANY PEOPLE WILL DIE IN THE STATES THAT ARE OPENING! Needless deaths. Those states are pushing for immunity from liability too. If it's safe, why the need to cover their idiotic asses?

All the groups pushing to get back to work are connected to pro-gun lobbying groups. I can't see the connection, except for their lust for death. Many people are going to die. This isn't 'pro life', this isn't a 'christin' thing to do either. This is greed. It will cost many people their lives.
chugheset 3
Wow Robert, you are one angry, know-it-all, liberal. I went back and read all your squawk comments (just click the user name) and you spend a lot of time proselytizing to the readers of these forums. Please stop. As Viv Pike suggests above, this is an aviation enthusiast site not your personal pulpit. I can't speak for anyone else, but comments like yours ruin these sites for me. So if you are that concerned about everyone's safety, write your congressman, but on Flightaware STFU.
Dave Hahn 1
Amen. Robert has a hard time posting anything aviation without turning it into a Trump bashing rant. Trump has warned about China since day one while previous presidents ( Clinton ,Bush and especially Obama) gave away the farm.
Ron Nash 3
Coronaviruses are Natures way of getting rid all the idiots who believe they're invulnerable, out of this world.
I'll wager there were hundreds of thousands who reckoned the Spanish flu was just a common cold, too.
We need these pandemics regularly to clean out the gene pool, just like a dose of chlorine in your spa.
James Simms -3
Go ahead & cower in your closet, please leave the rest us out of it.
stratofan -2
I agree James. Maybe we can go back to living in caves??? And RC tries to make a left-handed connection to gun lobby groups??? Maybe watching too much PMSNBC or CNN?? Life is meant to be lived, not cowering in fear and panic. Which has killed more pilots and people than any virus.
Ken Hardy -4
The Liberals recommend that Americans stay under their beds until the November elections then come out to vote for Biden and whoever his female running mate is, collect the dead bodies and wait for the Democrats to save them with another Government handout all the while the experts at CNN, NSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC can broadcast from the safety of their basements and living rooms while still drawing their 6 & 7 figure salaries as they tell the rest of the Nation how to live, sounds like a perfectly well thought out plan. GO BOEING
David Gratz 0
Aircraft are thoroughly tested and in this case perhaps so should the assembly workers.


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