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Low-Cost Startup Avatar Airlines intends to order 30 Boeing 747-8s

Boeing recently received a Letter of Intent from Avatar Airlines, an American low-cost airline for the purchase of 30 brand new 747-8 passenger version aircraft. Avatar Airlines is a brand new low-cost startup airline which is planning to operate low-cost flights to major city pairs throughout the U.S. and Hawaii. Avatar Airlines will begin its operation with 14 747-400s transitioning to the 747-8, considering it to be the ideal replacement for the 747-400s. ( Más...

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Torsten Hoff 6
I’m baffled that a startup LCC would want to operate a fleet of four-engine aircraft, especially when those routes are also served by major carriers with smaller, more fuel-efficient and lower maintenance aircraft.

I wish them well and Boeing can certainly use the 747-8 orders, but the chances of long-term success for this venture are low.
ffrcobra1 2
This venture has a 0% chance of taking delivery on any of those planes. Does anyone really figure these people have found a way to make money flying a four engine jet that every other airline in the US has somehow overlooked? No one flew 74s on short routes, even when there were lots of passenger 74s in the sky.
jeff slack 1
Unfortunately, you are right.
john doe 3
Apparently, some kind of stock swindle/scam/hoax.

Here's the back story:

I'm guessing this article (and others like in on the Internet) were prepared using "press releases" from the firm in question.
racerxx 1
They were prepped based on the LOI which is fair enough. We’ve seen many airlines make crazy declarations before and know they won’t happen but does that mean it shouldn’t be covered?
john doe 2
Not without some careful sifting and judicious commentary, which is what used to be called good journalism.
Iain Robertson 1
Way back in the 1970's, Japan Airlines operated an all economy class Boeing 747 on a domestic route. People were slightly smaller compared to now.
sharon bias 1
On popular routes, it might make sense. Like JFK to Orlando over Christmas. But you aren't going to get that many folks coming to Sacramento, for example, at any one time. And Sacramento see's a lot of Southwest flight because it's the State capital.
Torsten Hoff 2
The business model makes no sense unless they can put butts in every seat on every flight, year-round.

Furthermore, they need to go after customers who value price above everything else (departure/arrival times, frequency of flights, relative convenience of boarding aircraft with fewer passengers). And the established players can squeeze them on price because they can effectively subsidize routes served by Avatar using other more profitable routes.
racerxx 5
Just do a google search on the company’s ceo. This project isn’t happening.
belzybob 1
Yep, another web page with a 'Investor Inquiry' link...
Torsten Hoff 1

And from the company’s home page:

“More seats mean lower fares with all economy seat starting at $19 and no fare over $99 when purchased 30 days or more in advance.”

They’ll lose money on every passenger, but they’ll make it up in volume...
william baker 1
Strangers thing have happened lol


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